Summers That Changed Us

God shapes and molds each one of us willing to allow Him Lordship in our lives. And summertime is no exception. Join the Managing Your Blessings writing team this summer as we share our hearts about summers that were life changing, utterly unforgettable. We look forward to sharing with you!

Day 1 – The Summer That Changed Me

Day 2 – God Stepped In 

Day 3 – One Summer I Will Never Forget

Day 4 – The Summer When God Slammed Doors

Day 5 – Trusting God In My Move

Day 6 – A Heated Summer and the Motivation I Needed

Day 7 – Sharing Life by Sharing Our Stories

Day 8 – Two Different Summers, Two Difficult Changes

Day 9 – The Summer of Hope

Day 10 – What I Learned When God Grounded Me for the Summer

Day 11 – When God Made My Dream a Reality

Day 12 – The Summer She Would Rather Forget