When We Are Suffering


As I write this, it is the eleventh anniversary of the death of my father. I grieve for what was lost, and what will never be. I am coming down with a virus, and my throat is sore and scratchy. Earlier today, I slipped and fell in my hallway from my son’s dripping bathwater trail,… 

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Introducing North Star Geography Curriculum For High School Students

Managing Your Blessings

For those of you who are currently homeschooling high school students or will be next year, I have some exciting news for you! Bright Ideas Press, one of our favorite homeschool curriculum publishers, is coming out with a brand new curriculum for high school students – North Star Geography.  As a military homeschooling family, geography… 

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How to Be Content with What We Have


One glance at her Facebook newsfeed is enough to make the most determined woman feel discontent. An old friend shares her vacation photos, a colleague gushes about the diamonds her husband bought her, a relative shows off her renovated kitchen, an acquaintance shares news of her promotion at work, another friend shares her fabulously done… 

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