Grooving to Composers: Making Composer Studies Easy

I am so excited to share with you a new resource I have found to add to our composer studies!  I follow much of the curriculum from Ambleside and this term we are learning about the Austrian composer Franz Josef Haydn.  Since one of my goals this year is to ensure I am focusing on the composer’s music throughout the week, I’ve been looking for a way to integrate the music into my school day.

Grooving to Composers

Grooveshark is a free music streaming site, where you can listen to your favorite music, put it on a playlist, and also listen to the playlists of friends.  It might help to think of it in social media terms like Twitter or Facebook – only with music!

Using Grooveshark, I’ve created my own playlists of some of the composers we’re studying in Ambleside.  Last term I used a playlist of Bach; I’ve created playlists of Haydn for this term and of Tchaikovsky for next term.

Using this system, I can listen to single playlists throughout the day or put them on random shuffle, so we are listening to our composer of focus.  It’s been a wonderful resource for me because I am not shuffling cd’s or digging through mp3 files.  Instead, I simply can tune into my playlist online!  It’s been a great way to focus on single composer and has given us a chance to become familiar with the composer’s songs throughout a six-week period of time.  Not only that, but at the click of my mouse, we can revisit our last composer for review or enjoyment.

I hope this resource makes it easier for you and your children to groove to your chosen composer!

Try it out and feel free to leave your Grooveshark user name below so we can come check out your composer playlists and groove along with you!

Author Bio

Andrea lives in Northern California with her husband and two young girls. She left 11 years of public school teaching to homeschool and hasn’t looked back. Andrea loves reading, writing, and spending time outdoors so naturally she fell in love with Charlotte Mason’s methods with her own eclectic twist. Outside of homeschooling, Andrea owns her own tutoring and educational consulting business. Connect with her on at her blog No Doubt Learning, Facebook, G+, Twitter, or Pinterest.