Wrapping Up Our Homeschool Year {2011-2012}

Last month {April} we wrapped up our homeschool year for 2011-2012.

Our family actually homeschools year round but we have a lighter load in the summer time. As we wrap up this school year, I wanted to share a few highlights of our 2011-2012 homeschool journey.

Someone’s Reading (and someone else is VERY close)
Our son, Prince Charming, learned how to read this past year and is progressing quite well. We are so proud of this mile stone in each of our children’s lives as it opens up a world of possibilities to them. I always enjoy watching the confidence well up in a child’s eyes when they learn this valuable and life changing skill!

Our youngest son, 3-year-old Little Caveman has nearly mastered his phonics and is able to recognize several sight words! I really do think this is due to the fact that he adores his “big” brother and wants to do what he does!

Our two sons are finishing up their work this week and by Friday, we will have a Kindergarten/1st grader, and a preschooler. This year has been a wonderful year despite daddy being deployed the entire time.

We Officially Have a 6th Grader
Our oldest has now “graduated” to 6th grade. I am so very proud of her accomplishments. Princess has always been way above her grade level but this upcoming year in “6th” grade, nothing she does will be under 8th grade work. I am constantly amazed at her hard work ethic and LOVE of learning. Homeschooling her is a complete joy from an academic perspective. This summer she will enjoy exploring things that she doesn’t always get to look into during the regular school year – it should be FUN!

As we head into the summer, we are excited to welcome my husband home from his deployment! I will be sure and let you all know once he has arrived home safe and sound!

What are your plans for schooling this summer? If you school year round, do you take a short break? Lighten the load? If you don’t school year round, what will your family be up to? Leave a comment and let me know!