Tween Book Review & Giveaway! Andrea Carter & The Long Ride Home

I had the privilege of reading Susan K. Marlow’s book Andrea Carter and the Long Ride Home. This book is the first in Marlow’s Circle C Adventures series, a set of wholesome books aimed at children ages 9-12.  
This book is set on a family ranch in the San Joaquin Valley, California in the spring of 1880. The main character, Andi Carter, a 12-year-old curious young lady, finds herself in a place of pain and confusion due to the recent death of her father. After her father’s death, life changes a bit around the ranch and one of her older brothers, Chad, becomes the “man” of the house and Andi does not like this change and feels all alone due to the conflict between her and her brother.

After a series of events birthed in Andi’s disobedient behavior, Andi almost loses her life in an encounter with her brother Chad’s wild stallion he forbid her to go near. This, coupled with Andi ignoring some chores around the ranch, made the tensions rise between Andi and Chad.

One day, Andi decides to not do her chores and ride her beloved horse, Taffy, to go and clear her mind. She falls asleep and wakes up realizing that she had already missed lunch and hurries home to try and avoid missing dinner. But she is unsuccessful. After she arrives home, dirty, and loudly talking to her family – she relizes there was a very important stranger in the house – a senator who is visiting with her brother Justin (whom she adores).

This embarrassment led Andi to run away from the ranch with Taffy only to discover just how much she needs her family and they need her. After a horrible encounter with a stranger who steals Taffy, the night she ran away, she learns many life lessons in the next several days – most importantly that God’s grace and protection are very real in her life.

The end of the story is beautiful, but of course I cannot spoil it for you :) You can enter below for a chance to win your own copy for your child(ren) and yourself :) I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to any one that has a tween age child!

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    My 8 year old (three weeks until she is 9, where does the time go) loves reading stories like these. Little bits of history.
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