Truth in the Tinsel Review {& Giveaway}

Truth In The Tinsel

I have a confession to make: I had never even heard of Advent until we jumped on the homeschooling bandwagon. When I kept seeing articles, postings and unit studies on Advent, it struck my interest. It seemed like every homeschooler I knew was teaching their children about this, and celebrating it. So naturally I wanted to find out more and that in turn is what led me to Truth In The Tinsel. I now know what Advent is and so do my children, thanks to the internet and Truth In The Tinsel.


What I really like about Truth In The Tinsel, is the simplicity of it. It is set up almost like a daily devotional. Each day there is a bible passage to read, a craft that directly corresponds to the passage, a talk about it section, which allows you to really engage your children on the topic and lastly there is a do more together section, which gives the kids a chance to do a physical and fun activity to once again really drive the message home. The knowledge and the biblical references are actually easy for the kids to understand and digest, as there is not too much to do in one lesson. If your children do well with short but effective lessons, then I feel that they would really get into and thrive off of this unit study.

We Are Family

When we did day one, it was not initially planned for us to do it as an entire family, but that is exactly what happened as it was in the morning so we all joined in, when it came to the bible reading and the discussion. We decided to treat day one’s teaching as a family devotional, so we actually opened up in prayer. Then once we did that we had the kids do the “Do More Together,” and we told them to find a place in the house with no windows, that was completely dark. They chose the bathroom and for their light source, they used big brother’s iPod that has a flashlight app on it, and it worked perfectly. They really grasped the concept of Jesus being our light.

Managing Your Blessings

Age Ain’t Nothin’ But A Number

I must say I was a little concerned when it came to this unit study, and that was because I thought that maybe this would work better for younger children and maybe up to 8 or 9 years old. My son is 12 and my daughter is 11 (my 5 month old had fun watching them do the craft). I even asked my children “is this a little baby-ish for you guys??” Now, in all honesty, my silly daughter said, “yes a little.” Then as we continued with the light craft, she really got into it and said, “actually mom, this is really fun!” My too cool for homeschool (a family inside joke) son, said, “yeah this is fun!” So my super athletic, christian hip-hop lovin’, Vans wearin’ kids, thought this was fun and they learned about the true love of God, and the prophesied and amazing birth of Christ Jesus our Lord.

managing your blessings

That’s A Wrap Folks

We had a really hard and busy week. Then when we came home to do the actual light craft for day one (we did the devotional part in the morning with all of us together and then we came home later after running errands to do the craft), I could barely walk through my living room, as it was so messy. I could not find any of our craft supplies (that’s a whole other story) and I was very emotional and upset. But, as we got started, and I watched my kids indulge in the activity and seeing their creation come to life, a sense of peace came over all of us. I actually put on Christmas music, told the kids, let’s make some hot chocolate and cookies. I love how we all learned together, how what started out as a little stressful, turned out to be so peaceful and enjoyable. We really felt God’s love while doing the activity, and it helped the passage we read in Isaiah 9:2-7 come to life and make sense to my kids (even to me and my husband as well). I highly suggest that the devotional part of each day, be done as a family. If you don’t have time or are not prepared to do the entire day’s lesson, do what we did and split it up into two different parts of the day. There is no wrong way to do Truth In The Tinsel, and I am certain that your home and your mind will be filled with the peace of God that surpasses all understanding, like we did as well.

managing your blessings

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  1. Rosalee Massie says

    I was just thinking this morning that I have no idea where our Advent calendar is (a lot of our things are still packed) so very excited to see this. We do celebrate Advent, and would love to get this!

  2. Meg says

    We have not done advent with our girls yet. I used to when I was teenager though. This is the advent we were wanting to start with. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  3. says

    Oh my goodness! Thank you for this gorgeous post! I got chills reading it. :)

    I’m so glad to hear your older kids liked it. There’s something about Christmas that brings out the kid in everyone. And I LOVE what you said, “There is no wrong way to do Truth in the Tinsel”. That’ exactly right! It’s all about spending time with your kids teaching them about Jesus.

    THANK YOU for this post! It made my day!

  4. Lindsay Schmierer says

    I have every intention each year to do advent but time always seems to slip away. Hoping this year is different.

  5. says

    I have good intentions every year to do our Jesee tree. It never works out. I think Truth in the Tinsel might be just what my kids and I need.

  6. Callie says

    I love Advent and have been trying to celebrate it w/my boys for the last few years. It would be so helpful to have this book where all the planning is done already.

  7. Jeanette says

    Can’t wait to incorporate Truth in the Tinsel into our holiday family traditions! Now I just need to get my hands on a copy including the downloadable activities! Thanks!

  8. Kristin Gross says

    I would love to win this. I haven’t done an advent calendar with my daughter, but I do remember doing it as a child. My grandma would send me books and supplies every year for the advent calendar.

  9. Jessica A. says

    Have not done advent with my little one yet but have been thinking about it! This would be a great resource to help me get started!

  10. Katrina T says

    We are this year! Have never done it before, but Christmas seems more exciting when you have young children.

  11. Melissa B says

    Yes, we do celebrate advent but without much structure. We do not currently do a Jesse Tree, so I am intrigued by that.

  12. Lorie S says

    We did this last year and loved it! We are doing it again this year and the kids are so excited about it. I’d love to win a copy for my sister. Her daughter would really enjoy it and they have had some tough times this year.

  13. Veronica says

    My husband and I don’t, but I love all these ideas of things to do as a family — we’re expecting our first!

  14. Amanda says

    I plan on celebrating Advent for the very first time this year. We are all looking forward to the blessings that it is sure to bring. Thank you for such and awesome giveaway.