To Give Them Purpose


We’re in week 3 of our homeschooling year and I’ve quickly remembered how difficult it is to teach with a toddler and crawler under foot.  I’ve been yelling way too much and rushing trying to get everything done.  In the evening I sit down and sometimes wonder why I’m homeschooling.  It’s really hard for the older boys to focus with their brothers screaming, begging, whining, ripping paper all around us.  Wouldn’t they be better off in public school with a teacher that can devote more time to them?  Am I giving them all they need?  Are they having fun?

So many doubts and concerns run through homeschooing moms’ minds.  It’s because we love them.

However, it hits me in the evening when the house it quiet and I’m preparing for the next day.  I’m doing this to give them purpose.  To show them WHY they were put on this earth .  My husband and I are their guide before they go out into the world and have days in which they forget the true reason.

We must give our children purpose:

  • As a child of God
  • As a sibling
  • As a student
  • As a friend
  • As a child of earthly parents
  • As a servant

The list could go on.  Yes, we must teach them reading, writing, math, and all the basics–but when it comes down to it, even from the time they are born, we are showing them WHY they are here.  Homeschooling is the most beautiful gift we can give our children day in and day out.  Even when toddlers are under foot and babies poop and cry–we must remember that each of our children are at home to learn from everything we do.  Even when we leave the school room.

What can you do?

  • Tell them you love them often.
  • Feed the hungry together.
  • Donate old toys and clothes to a shelter together.
  • Bake cookies for a friend and deliver them.
  • Clean up a siblings room “just because.”
  • Show them how they can help mommy more.  Be specific and actually train them; don’t just bark commands.

I’m going to try harder to remind my children of their purpose daily.  It’s something that has slipped away from me in the midst of school subjects.  May the Lord guide us to do this as mothers.