Mismatched Learning Styles and Homeschooling an Only Child

NDEW and Trav working

I’m pretty sure that I was bitten by the “teacher bug” shortly after birth.  I can still picture the 1950’s-era school desks that my grandmother had in her basement and remember the joy that I got from “teaching” my younger cousins.  My lessons were complete with handwritten worksheets, manipulatives, and report cards.  I’m not sure… 

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Yes, He Is Our Only Child

Is He Your Only Child? Whitney talks a little about her family's journey as the homeschoolers of an only child. :: Managing Your Blessings

Hello everyone!  I’m Whitney and I’m so excited to be joining the contributing writer family here at Managing Your Blessings! I’ll be sharing about homeschooling an only child and I look forward to getting to know you all as we travel this homeschooling journey together. I thought I would jump right into this topic by… 

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