Incorporating Notebooking into Charlotte Mason Homeschooling

Charlotte Mason Homeschooling

Incorporating Notebooking into Charlotte Mason Homeschooling When we first started out homeschooling, I rediscovered how non-crafty I really am! Unfortunately, my artsy daughter LOVED all things crafty, decorating paper, and making art pieces out of her worksheets. It wasn’t long before I learned about lapbooking. In the early years of homeschooling, like most new homeschoolers,… 

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Must I Love Nature to Be a Charlotte Mason Style Homeschooler?

That was my question. I had always associated the Charlotte Mason style of educating with nature study and nature journaling. I pictured a peaceful walk hand in hand with my children down a nature trail, finding treasures like pine cones and acorns and then stopping to sketch them while the birds chirped pleasantly in our… 

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Homeschool Notebooking {At All Levels}


WELCOME to my summer blog series: Homeschool Methods & Approaches  Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday throughout the months of June and July, you will hear from several different homeschool bloggers about the methods and approaches they use to teach their child(ren). It is my hope that you gain insight, encouragement, and confidence by reading what… 

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