Making Resolutions? Resolve to Seek & Serve in 2014

Making Resolutions? Resolve to Seek & Serve in 2014 ||

How many times have you anxiously awaited the arrival of a New Year — hoping for that all-important fresh start — only to be sorely disappointed when your resolutions go nowhere? Or even worse, how many times have you accomplished a resolution, only to find that the pure bliss you expected to experience upon its… 

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In Lieu of New Year’s Resolutions (setting realistic fitness goals)

In Lieu of New Year's Resolutions (setting realistic fitness goals)

It’s creeping up on us again, isn’t it? There are just a few little squares left on the calendar, counting down to that morning when we toss out that calendar marked with the birthdays, doctor’s appointments, dance recitals, and baseball games from the past twelve months, and move on to one containing fresh, blank pages…. 

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