What I Learned When God Grounded Me for the Summer


It was the summer of 1988, and like any typical high school girl, I couldn’t wait to spend it hanging out with my BFFs: sunning at the beach, shopping at the mall, staying up all night at pajama parties, finding ways to run into good-looking boys — you know. I was a 15-year-old Christian girl… 

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Where to Start When Seeking God’s Direction: Part Three


When you are faced with major decisions regarding your homeschooling, your family, your own personal role and relationships, seeking God’s direction can seem very daunting. Even daily decisions can get bogged down with the opinions and advice of others, self doubt, and conflicting messages from our culture. As I shared in Part One and Part… 

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Where to Start When Seeking God’s Direction {Part One}

Where to Start When Seeking God's Direction {Part One}

Whether you are faced with a life change or simply at a mental crossroads, seeking God’s direction can seem very challenging. We may spend hours in prayer, seek the wisdom of others, and often look for “signs” along the road. However, I would argue that seeking God’s direction doesn’t have to be as complex as… 

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Ice Cream Theology

Snow Ice Cream Recipe

The weather has been so beautiful. We’ve had more moisture this year than we’ve had in a long time and our summer only had a few hot weeks with some beautifully mild breaks in between. This past month was actually the hottest, but still barely got into the 100′s a few times.  Today we have… 

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