Summer Book Club Week 5: The Kindness Challenge

The Kindness Challenge

Summer Book Club

For those of you who are joining us (it’s not too late) for our 9-week summer book club, today is the first week covering the Learning to Speak Life: Fruit of the Spirit Family Devotional. At the beginning of each week, I will be posting a family challenge both here on the blog and in our exclusive Facebook community. The challenges are aimed at increasing family unity and focusing to improve your family intentionally practicing the fruit of the spirit in a practical way: through speaking God’s life-giving words (and actions that follow suit) each day.

Prayer For Week 5


Week 5: The Kindness Challenge

This week, in addition to beginning the fifth chapter of the book, my husband (and co-author of the book) and I challenge you to do one or both of the following:

  1. Take some time out of your week to sit down together as a family and ask this question to each family member: What are one or two kind words you would like me to speak to you this week? This exercise will give your family members the ability to help you discover their love language and give you the inside scoop to what makes them feel good. Let us know how this goes with your family this week! Leave a comment below or comment in our exclusive Facebook community!
  2. Make a list of unkind words you tend to speak and beside each one write a kind word you can replace each word with. Plan to take this list with you everywhere you go. If you carry a purse, stick it in there. If you have pockets, put the list in your pocket. If you have a cell phone, take a photo of your list and pull it up for reference. If you have a mirror, tape your list on it so you will see it every time you look into it. Be creative – just make sure you have that list in a place you will see it and watch the discipline of speaking life begin to work in your life!

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Can’t wait to interact with this special community of women!

All My Love,
Carlie K.


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    {Melinda} Kindness can be so hard to practice with the ones we love! That’s terrible, isn’t it? But they are the ones who push our buttons, try our patience and know our weaknesses better than anyone. Love your #2 suggestion especially — helpful to have kind words on the top of our minds when we’re frustrated, impatient. etc.
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