Summer Book Club Week 1: The Love Challenge

Managing Your Blessings Summer Book Club

For those of you who are joining us (it’s not too late) for our 9-week summer book club, today is the first week covering the Learning to Speak Life: Fruit of the Spirit Family Devotional. At the beginning of each week, I will be posting a family challenge both here on the blog and in our exclusive Facebook community. The challenges are aimed at increasing family unity and focusing to improve your family intentionally practicing the fruit of the spirit in a practical way: through speaking God’s life-giving words (and actions that follow suit) each day.

An Opening Prayer To Kick Off Our Study

Week 1 Challenge: Love

This week as you embark on a 9-week journey to help your family learn to speak life, we created a special challenge to help further implement the fruit of love in your family.

This week, in addition to beginning the first chapter of the book, my husband (and co-author of the book) and I challenge you to do one or both of the following:

  1. Sit down with your family and ask each person what makes him/her feel loved. Allow your children to articulate this in their own language and be patient as they express themselves (especially with toddlers, preschoolers, and introverts). Be sure that the adults do the same thing and speak in a way that your children can understand. Once everyone has had the chance to talk about what makes them feel loved, evaluate ways that as a family, you can make sure to speak each person’s love language. We would HIGHLY recommend writing down each family members response so that you can make a real effort to minister to one another on a deeper level.
  2. Sit down and ask each family member if there is anything that you do to them that makes the feel unloved. Be cautious in your responses to one another as hearts are delicate. Make sure that each person is able to express themselves in an nonthreatening manner – meaning that they won’t be interrupted or scolded for their answers. Walking in love requires many different types of refinement processes, and hearing the truth (as well as speaking the truth) in love is a large and essential part of that process.

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Can’t wait to interact with this special community of women!

All My Love,
Carlie K.




  1. Jillian says

    I just came across you on Pinterest last night and finally clicked to look into another blog (this one) that you had. I would love to start this challenge and maybe get my boyfriend involved since my family would not participate with me. Will you be selling a Nook version of this devotional? If not, I’ll get the paperback from the site and ship it to me.
    Thank you!

    And I found it truly amazing that you had an opening prayer for this. That’s hard to come by on the Internet.

    • says

      Hi Jillian! I am SO happy you found us! Unfortunately I have an exclusive contract with Amazon, so I cannot legally sell our book on any other platform. So it may be best if you download the Kindle App or grab it in paperback :) Looking forward to having you join us!