Sticking To Your Goals

Sticking to Your Goals

Anyone out there make a few resolutions this year? We are several weeks past the new year now and it may be a good time to take inventory! I was surprised to learn that only 8% of people keep their resolutions or make the lasting changes necessary to fulfill them. That doesn’t have to be you and I! It all depends on how we approach our goals. Change of any kind really starts with one thing: A committed decision. When you get your mind wrapped around the change you want to see, your desire to accomplish it grows and becomes established.

I don’t know about you but diets have never been something I’ve enjoyed – much less been able to keep for any length of time. Several years ago, when I still lived at home, I went on one to support a family member in her desire to lose a few pounds. Needless to say, I still can’t eat grapefruit! The law was replaced by grace for good reason. Make sure not to set yourself up for failure by having ‘rules’ you try to abide by as they will most likely be broken. Instead, give yourself the opportunity to succeed and implement a plan to follow. It might be to avoid specific foods for a given time frame, only a limited amount of time on the computer, or perhaps limiting the amount of money you spend on your groceries. What ever the case, sticking to your goals can be done.

Making changes shouldn’t be hard for us, we have a helper and if we will listen, a cheerleader! When we set our heart and mind on a new way of being or doing and ask Him for help in mastering it, He’ll start speaking up on the inside. He’ll give you ideas, creativity and a will to accomplish it. Proverbs 16:3 says, ‘Commit your works to the Lord, your thoughts will be established.’ If you have made goals for your health this year, decide what ones are most important to you, not a huge list, but reasonable, smaller steps with an ending date. You can add something new daily, weekly or even monthly so it is easier to accomplish. Making your life healthier takes a series of right decisions. Maybe you want to fit in time to exercise daily, add in to your diet more fruits and vegetables, switch out food choices you know are unhealthy and replace them week by week. Whatever your goals are set yourself up to WIN!

Angela @ Mom in the Making