Where to Start When Seeking God’s Direction: Part Three

When you are faced with major decisions regarding your homeschooling, your family, your own personal role and relationships, seeking God’s direction can seem very daunting. Even daily decisions can get bogged down with the opinions and advice of others, self doubt, and conflicting messages from our culture.

As I shared in Part One and Part Two of this series, what I discovered was that my desire for “confirmation” from God regarding His direction was motivated by the fact that I really wanted to feel secure that it was OK to make the choices that felt right to me, forgetting that what “feels right” to an imperfect believer isn’t likely to be right in God’s eyes. Since then, I’ve been working intentionally on renewing my mind with God’s Word (Romans 12:2) so that my thoughts and responses to life situations are more aligned with His Word and wisdom.


I also discussed why the Bible is a clear starting point for seeking God’s direction. In my personal journey, I have found that starting with five Biblical directives brings God’s will for most situations into clearer focus. Starting with five key passages, I share how I have applied them in my life when seeking God’s direction.

Since then, I’ve been participating in a book study on “Restless: Because You Were Made For More,” by Christian author Jennie Allen. In her book, Jennie points to scripture and the life of Joseph to help us understand the source of our “restless” feelings, whether we are too comfortable or complacent, driven by a spiritual thirst and longing, or running full speed ahead in obedience but in search of direction, and how to find the direction we seek. One thing is sure: Believers are all called to God’s purpose and to run their own race (Heb. 12:1-3), and He will work all things together for good (God’s glory) in the lives of those He calls (Rom. 8:28).

During my study, I’ve been particularly stretched to think differently about my purpose by the idea that people (our current sphere of influence) and places (where we are physically located) can tell us a lot about what direction we should be taking in service to the Lord. Often when we feel restless, it’s because we think that we’re supposed to be somewhere else, doing something else for God, and we’re just stuck where we are, awaiting new instructions from the Lord. However, have you ever asked yourself what purpose God may have for where you live right now? What about your family, your children, and yes, even your neighbors? Are you serving them with the obedience that God would ask of you now?

If you are unsure of your purpose in the place and with the people where God has placed you currently, here’s a journaling exercise that can help you find some clarity as you seek Him for direction. Answer these questions:

1) Who needs you? At home: Your spouse, your children, family members? Outside the home: Neighbors? Coworkers? Friends? What could you do in obedience to the Lord to serve them? (Matt. 22:36-40)

2) Who do you need? Who are wise mentors and people who will pursue the Lord with you? Do you need to pursue friendships that are currently lacking in your life? (Rom. 15:14)

3) Where are you? What need do you see around you right now? What past suffering in your life gives you a heart for particular needs and pain of others? What gifts has God equipped you with that can be used to meet needs around you right now? (Eph. 4:11-16)

This is just a starting point, but it’s an important place to start. As I’ve been journaling the answers to these questions for myself, I’m both excited and challenged by what God is showing me about what I should pursue for His purposes with my time, right where I am. I’m excited to see how different pieces of my life are coming together for His greater glory in my life!

What about you? Have you ever found yourself “stuck” in search of God’s direction, wishing God would drop you a personal note or clearly defined road map so you could stop wondering what to do next? What role does the Bible play in your search for direction? What about prayer and seeking the wisdom of others?