Sowing to Reap a Harvest of Promises

Managing Your Blessings“You are what you eat!” … “What comes around goes around!” … “Karma is a _____.”

We’ve all heard these famous sayings before. Yet each one draws upon the universal and divine truth that you will “reap what you sow.”

It’s ironic this post comes at a time in my life when God has delicately led me through one of the most fierce battles that I have ever endured. As God prepared me for this epic fight, He graciously gave me three simple rules to follow in order to survive. Rule #1: Always trust His instruction (1 John 2:27, AMP). Rule #2: Fight the battle His way: with truth (Psalm 15:1-2). Rule #3: Deviate in the least bit, by means of willful ignorance and/or pride, from rules one and two and I would be swallowed by a vicious system. Simple right? Well, when you are fighting for your life it becomes precisely simple.

With a cup full of courage and marching orders I set out down a road into uncharted territory. The battle was intense from the moment I drew my sword. There were plenty of opportunities for me to disperse my own seeds or rules but I knew to reap God’s promise of survival, I had to sow according to His plan. The attacks on me were insurmountable but the wounds my opponent received were devastating. I watched my opponent sow one bad seed after another until they slowly destroyed everything they had. Talk about self-inflicting wounds.

Everything we sow is under the heavens and exposed in our harvest. If you think negative thoughts (lies, doubts, malice, jealous, envy, bitterness, etc.) you will reap unhappiness and misery. In the end, you can’t complain about the emptiness in your heart if all you sow are seeds that are designed to stunt growth in every area of your life. Instead, plant seeds that will flourish and allow them to spread.

It starts by rooting your heart in God’s Word. My grandmother was a master gardener and this past year I decided to see if I had the green thumb as well. I don’t but I do know to have rich, nutrient-baring vegetables, you must sow in nutrient-rich soil. Is your soil rich with the nutrients God gives: love, forgiveness, humility, mercy, or grace? If so, you can count on reaping the following when you sow with a God-led heart:

1. A promising harvest. I knew I would experience victory if I followed God’s rules. His promises are true and everlasting. Make His promises the center of your heart. (Proverbs 8:32-36)

2. Uncertainty dwindles. You don’t need to worry about the unknown if you sow your best and honest effort in life. Doing so will allow you to live freely with a content heart. I knew I had uncertainty beat when I became excited about the unknown. (Psalm 56:3-4)

3. Cross-pollination and seed dispersal. I failed botany terribly but I am a Creation-lover. When others see how gracefully you handled a trial and the benefits you reaped, they will take that seed and plant it in their situation. This cross-pollination of sowing and reaping ultimately brings glory to God and blessings to you. (1 Peter 2:9, Hebrews 13:16)

I challenge you today to take a good look at the circumstances in your life. Whether good or bad, examine the seeds you sowed to get there. “So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.” Galatians 6:9, NLT

-Happy harvesting!


Alvie Hairston is a 33-year old SAHM of three, former blogger of MommiesGoodies (relaunching soon) and Creative Director at VeilaBlue Creative. Curiosity in faith, pop culture, food, relationships, fashion and self-restoration keeps her head in the clouds.