One Word for 2014 {Restoration}

I love how the blogging world has caught on to the “One Word” phenomenon. God has been giving me a word for every year since 1998, and it is nice to have a place to chronicle this journey and share the hope of His promises year after year. My process seems to be a little different than many I see. Many people choose their own word for the new year. However, I do not. God gives it to me through much prayer and reading of the Word.

Last year my one word was faithful. When I took a look at how my life unfolded last year, I cannot believe how accurate that one word was. Believe me when I tell you that God is faithful!

God knows that while 2013 lived up to “faithful” in full action, it didn’t come without many many challenges.

I was challenged in my health.

I was challenged as a wife.

I was challenged as a mother.

I was challenged in our finances.

I was challenged by people attacking my character.

I was challenged over and over and over.

Just to name a few.

But He is faithful.

This year, the Lord gave me my word only a few days before the new year. This is not very typical. Usually He speaks to my heart sooner, but for what ever reason (I fully trust HIS sovereignty) He waited to give me my word for 2014. And without any further ado…

One Word 2014 Restoration

For 2014, my word is: Restoration

The verse He gave me to go along with it refreshes me to the very essence of my soul.

This year my verse is found in Joel 2:25-26 (ESV):

I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten, the hopper, the destroyer, and the cutter, my great army, which I sent among you. “You shall eat in plenty and be satisfied, and praise the name of the Lord your God, who has dealt wondrously with you. And my people shall never again be put to shame.

I can hardly wait to see all that the Lord does in my heart this year as well as the various ways He will show himself strong. I can’t help but get lost in the scriptures as I seek out new meaning to the one word: Restoration.

I am confident that the Lord will make this year exactly what He said it would be, as a matter of fact I am counting on it.

Here’s to a fabulous new year, a new start. I pray that each of you will RELISH in His blessings in 2014.

Yours truly,

Carlie Kercheval



  1. Lindy says

    I am so blessed by this. My family has had the most difficult year this year, blessings but lots of very difficult trials. Right now I am in the hospital with my sweet baby boy born 1 month ago. He had open heart surgery December 19th and has been on a bypass machine for 2 weeks. He was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease and will need at least 3 open heart surgeries. We have prayed, along with so many family members and friends, for healing. We know that God is going to use this trial in our little boys life, but it is so hard. He just came off the bypass machine yesterday, and is doing well! While he is still very sick, and has a long healing process before I can hold or feed him, he opened his eyes for the first time in 2 weeks. We also have a 2 year old and have been trying to find childcare for her while I am at the hospital, and right after I saw this beautiful picture and verse was when we got a call out of the blue from a wonderful college student from our church who wants to watch our little girl free for the next month that our boy is in the hospital. Just wanted to let you know how God has used your verse to bless me, I think this will be a verse we hold to, as this year will bring another heart surgery in the summer. God is good, so, so good. Thank you

    • says

      This just brought me to tears. Bless your heart, sweet sister. I am so happy that the Lord blessed you through this image and the scripture impressed upon it! You, my dear sister are a strong woman of faith and I am praying alongside with you and your family – thanking God for your baby boy to continue to grow straong and healthy unto the Lord! Praise God for His provision for childcare for your precious 2-year-old as well! God is faithful! Be blessed and know that I am here for you if you need prayer or a listening ear! Carlie K.
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  2. Ellie says

    I am new to your blog but am so impressed with your faith and the way you express yourself. It’s so encouraging to others who are facing problems like you have faced. Will pray for you and your family as you contnue to rely on God for your strength and restoration. Be blessed.