Natural Help for Headaches

Pounding. Pain. Lights. Tension. Stress. No matter what the cause, headaches can be minor annoyances or major debilitating events! Headaches come in many different forms and may have a myriad of causes. Some possibilities include hunger, not drinking adequate amounts of water, congestion, inflammation, stress, environmental factors, hormonal shifts, emotional distress, or sensitivities to certain foods, to name a few.

Along with exercise, good nutrition, adequate sleep, and fluid intake, there are a few helpful items to have on hand for minor or major head pain. Two of these ‘go to’ items for me are two essential oils, Peppermint and PastTense. For most people these two oils will lift a headache away within minutes of application. Peppermint oil is a vasodilator, able to expand the vascular system and release the tension of headaches.  PastTense is a blend of several oils specifically formulated for migraines. It comes in a handy roller bottle that I carry in my purse.  PastTense can also be used for neck tension, nerve pain, sore muscles, and arthritic pain as well.

Essential Oils for Headaches

My girlfriend, Angela C., has been a migraine sufferer for a long time.  Here is her story:

I started getting migraines 10+ years ago.  They have controlled my life and held me hostage from things that I wanted to do because I was concerned about triggering one.   When I was introduced to the oils, at first I thought to myself, I will give it a try but it probably won’t work because nothing has worked!  I really think taking the doTERRA Life Long Vitality vitamins and the Bone and Nutrient complex has played a huge roll in reducing my migraines.  My go to oils (in order) are: Past Tense, Frankincense, Marjoram, Lavender, Balance, and sometimes Deep Blue rub.  I layer them on my temples, forehead, neck.  If those aren’t helping, I know it’s hormonal and I use ClaryCalm and PastTense and that usually takes care of it.  These products have given me my life back and the freedom to do what I want with no fear of getting a migraine! I feel so empowered!

Natural Help for Headaches

Here are some suggestions for specific types of headache pain (see for a full list):

Tension headaches
Suggested Oils: Peppermint, PastTense, AromaTouch, Deep Blue

Migraine headaches
Suggested Oils (from
Combination One:
Start as soon as any warning appears.
• 1 – 2 drops of Frankincense on your finger and rub on the roof of your mouth.
• Roll PastTense on the back of the neck and the base of the skull.
• 1 – 2 drops of Deep Blue on the temples and forehead. Also, Deep Blue can be applied to the neck and shoulder region.
• 1 – 2 drops DigestZen internally if nauseous.
Repeat every 15 minutes – 2 hours as long as necessary. Nap if situation allows.

Combination Two:
Start as soon as any warning appears.
• 1 – 2 drops of PastTense on the forehead.
• Continue PastTense over the crown of the head through the hair to the neck and shoulders.
• Rub into each area.
Repeat every 15 minutes – 2 hours as long as necessary. Nap if situation allows. Massage while suffering from a migraine usually is not a pleasant option. Applying the oil or blend as a foot massage may be tolerable. Because root cause and personal reactions are so varied, it will take personal experience to find the optimum solution for each individual.

Cluster headaches
Cluster headaches are frequent and severe headaches grouped together. Attacks may be 2 or 3 times a day and may last days, weeks, or even months. They may come and go with little explanation.

Suggested Oils:
2 drops Basil
2 drops Marjoram
2 drops Peppermint
5 drops Rosemary
– Combine these oils with 1 Tbl. of a carrier oil and apply to the back of the neck and soles of the feet for relief. Use biweekly to help prevent future headaches.

If you or a loved one suffers from frequent headache or migraine pain, be sure to see a regular physician to rule out more serious health concerns. If you would like a FREE sample of an oil to help with any health issue and are not already using doTERRA,  just ask!  I can be reached at angelazavala(at)live(dot)com. For more information on using doTERRA Essential Oils, join us for FREE monthly educational webinars that can teach you how to take care of your family naturally.  You can find me atōlutions for education and giveaways!

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