Moving On vs. Quitting

For most of my life moving on and quitting have been synonymous to me.  This posed a problem, since quitting meant you had failed.  Failing means to fall short, be inadequate, unsuccessful, and a disappointment.   Quitting is to bring to an end or give up for good.  To put moving on into the same box with these two terms is one of the worst things we can do.   Moving on is not a negative.  Moving on is not a result of failing or even quitting.  Moving on is a calculated step taken to gain our objective.  It causes you to go from one point to another.  We will spend most of our lives moving on or in transition.  So to think you were quitting every time you moved on would mean you viewed yourself as a failure.

Have you ever known it was time to move on, but there was hesitation because you didn’t want to feel like a quitter?  You continue to go through the motions, doing what you’ve been doing, but there’s no peace.  All so you can say, “At least I didn’t quit.”  Concerned more about what others will think of you, than fulfilling your divine purpose.  You know you need to move forward, but allow your pride to hold you back.

I’ve also found, with myself,  two other contributing factors that have kept me from moving forward: emotional ties or fear of stepping out into new territory.   Sometimes I’ve found myself simultaneously dealing with both.  You don’t want to jeopardize your relationships, which is always a possibility when life’s journey begins to take you into a different direction than those you’ve been attached to for so long.   And venturing into new territory is always a huge leap of faith.  You never fully know what you’re getting yourself into.  Even if you aren’t  happy on old stomping ground, at least you know how to navigate through it.  You may have also had experiences that have affected your progression.   You must  identify for yourself what is holding you back.  Once you’ve identified those things, deal with them immediately. The sooner you deal with them, the better.

Resist the lie that moving on is quitting.  Don’t hold yourself back.  Serve faithfully in all you’ve been assigned.  Always know and expect new assignments to come, because they will.  When they do, you need to be ready to move with no hesitation.  Remember, attached to new territory is also blessing and provision.