Mary, Did You Know?

Mary, Did You Know?

Mary, Did You Know

Being a mother who carried a sweet baby boy during the season of advent 7 years ago, I found an intimate connection to story of Mary, the mother of Jesus. I found myself identifying more with the honor she held as a woman of God chosen to carry such a gift — the ultimate gift — my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Although I wasn’t carrying Jesus, I was still carrying a precious promise that God had given to my husband and I seven years prior, a baby boy who would change the world with His love for Jesus. And with that precious gift, we are uncovering new gifts every day, and look forward to all the things that we didn’t “know” when God planted this seed in our lives.

And now, some personal thoughts to Mary, about what her son Jesus has done for me. Because the truth is, she didn’t know all that Jesus would do, but she took on the challenge and obeyed God regardless.

Mary did you know, that your baby boy would turn this physically and emotionally abused young girl into a loving wife and mother?

Without your obedience to God, I would have never become a loving wife or mother. I would have never accepted the call on my life to return to Him. I would never have been given a fair chance at living a life of love. Your son, Jesus, healed my broken heart and gave me beauty for ashes. He gave me hope and a future. He gave me LOVE. And for this, I am forever grateful.

Mary did you know, that your baby boy would help this young girl who often had no food, now sit at the table of His unlimited favor and grace?

Yes, it’s true. While growing up, I often only ate one meal – and that was my free lunch at school. It was hard, you know, being home alone by the age of 5 while my parents were away doing things they should not have been. And in the summer time? That was the worst. Why? Because school was not in session. This is the unfortunate upbringing of children whose parents are drug dealing drug addicts. They spend their money on things that do not sustain nor nourish their children, nor the souls of their children. But despite this type of neglect, this once impoverished girl, now sits boldly at His throne of grace, eating from the unlimited supply of His forgiveness and grace.

Mary did you know, that your baby boy would give the light of His word to guide the way of this young girl who often times had no electricity in her own home?

I can’t count the times that as a young girl, I sat in absolute darkness. The darkness was cold, especially in the winter months. No electricity and no parents to tuck me in bed at night. But then He came. Jesus entered into my life.

Mary did you know, that your baby boy would calm the anger of the murderous blood that runs through this woman’s veins?

It’s true. Murder has been committed by each generation before me in my bloodline. But His love stopped the hate when He entered into my heart. He alone was able, in a single generation to change my heart of anger and rage into a heart of loving peace.

Thank you, Mary, for your obedience to God, you are blessed among women. And I am eternally thankful for the birth of your son, Jesus Christ. He is my love and my life.

Forever grateful,

Carlie K.

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