Marriage, Family, & Homeschooling in the Military {Part 5}

In spring of 2009, with our newest son at the tender age of just 5 months, daddy was pulled out of the home for the 3rd time to fight in a war in a far away land. This time was a bit different as now I had two young sons and our precious first born daughter, Princess. 

Princess, whose heart had been torn in half all those deployments before, would have her heart torn into many pieces – this time in a different way. This time, aside from already feeling the pain of pre-deployment, her daddy was slotted to fly to Afghanistan just one day BEFORE her 8th birthday. It was so hard for me to see my baby girl’s heart taken and stomped on the ground. It was so hard to see her so angry at her daddy, my husband, for something that was out of his control. I hurt to see the pain in his eyes while she treated him like the dirt underfoot. All I could do was pray for the both of them and lovingly hold her in my arms when she broke down crying and telling me that she “hated him.”  She hated him for leaving us again. She hated the US Army for taking him away all these times. She just wanted him to “go” so that everything would be “better.” I knew in my heart that her pain was unbearable for her little 7-year-old heart to handle alone.  

I pointedly talked with her about Jesus and how he was able to make her broken heart whole. I gave her a bit more “candid” insight to her mothers sin stained past and how Jesus made me new. I was able to point her to the one who is ABLE AND MIGHTY to save. I constantly asked my heavenly Father to “sanctify” her by HIS TRUTH…HIS WORD IS TRUTH (John 17).  It was rough, but once again, WE OVERCAME. God got us through this hard time of transition and brought us into His peace – like only He can do. And when we celebrated Princess’ 8th birthday 2 days early, she was in love with her daddy once again. Thank you Lord. I sit here in tears as I reminisce on His faithfulness, His patience, His grace, His forgiveness…..HIS LOVE.





The very next day, daddy would begin his 3rd journey on a long deployment to another land. A land that needs Jesus more than I will ever understand. A land where HIS HOLY boots (yes, I mean my husbands) set forth and declare the Word of TRUTH by way of the anointing given to him by God alone. An anointing that destroys burdens and removes yokes of slavery. An anointing that we, as believers of Jesus carry, and if we so dare to – can USE FOR HIS GLORY. As much as it ALWAYS HURTS me to say good-bye to my best friend, my husband, my love, I always remember there is a greater war that is at play – the battle for souls to enter into the kingdom of God. “Knowing” this doesn’t stop the pain, or the hurt, but does give me great peace – a peace I cannot live without.





When my husband returned home from this deployment, there were many new challenges to our lives. From homeschooling to relational issues with the children and their daddy. BUT ONE THING HAS ALWAYS REMAINED THE SAME. God still sits on the throne. He still LOVES US and gives us what we need, when we need it. He still heals the brokenhearted and binds up our wounds. He still makes a way – when no way seems possible. He always has. And He alone – always will.
As I type this, I again weep, as we are entering into that zone of time right before another year long separation will occur. My husband is on leave just before he leaves us again – to a fallen land – that has no hope outside of those brave enough to declare the Word of Truth on their soil. 
My husband has accepted the call. The call to serve His mighty God. The call to be a husband – to one woman – and LOVE her as Christ loves the church – giving himself up for ME. The call to be a father whose ways are pleasing to the King of Kings. The call to be a US Soldier. I am so proud of my husband. He is what has kept me motivated to always serve God no matter how I “feel.” He is the one who has taught me what the word “diligence” really means. He is the one who has covered me with his prayers, his loving arms, and at times with his tears. I am so honored to be chosen to walk this narrow path towards my Jesus with a man like my husband. 
For now, this is the “story” that I call, “Marriage, Family, And Homeschooling.” Thank you for your willingness to indulge in our life – our testimony. Until next time.
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  1. says

    I am in tears right now…. The battlefield is your husband's mission field. I love you and your family, and I am so touched and blessed by your beautiful, anointed words.

    • Carlie says

      Thank you Rosanna :) Yes, the battlefield has been Michael’s mission field – and as you know – it is a hard place to minister, but necessary :) Love you and your family too – so glad the Army introduced us to you :)

  2. says

    What a sad and beautiful story all at the same time. One thing is for sure, God has carried you, your husband, and your family through every single time. What a faithful and mighty God we serve!

    • Carlie says

      Thank you for taking the time to read our story :) Yes, only GOD could bring us through the hard times and give us peace! Blessings on you and yours :)

    • Carlie says

      Thank you for taking the time to read part of our testimony, LaToya :) You are a wonderful sister in Christ and I so grateful to have met you thru blogging/THL :)

  3. says

    Wow. What an incredible story and testimony to God's faithfulness. He truly IS always there and He IS everything we need. Praise Him for giving you the strength to hang onto Him – your true refuge and shelter.

    • Carlie says

      Dianne, you are so right – GOD IS OUR EVERYTHING. Why we look outside of that at times is still mind boggling to me, but He is faithful nonetheless :) Thank you for sharing in our testimony!