Looking To Feature Homeschool Bloggers – Homeschool Methods/Approaches


I am looking to feature several homeschool bloggers with varied homeschooling methodologies and approaches. I would like you to write a blog post describing your method/approach so others can learn more about all of the beautiful homeschooling styles out there.

I need homeschool bloggers to cover each area listed below:

Charlotte Mason
DVD/Video Schooling
Internet Homeschooling
Unit Studies
Special Needs
Leadership Education

Here is a little bit about what it is you would be writing:

  1. The post should be about how YOUR family incorporates the approach you have signed up to write about. We have all read books about these approaches, but to have a tangible real life family giving you insight to how they actually use the approach will be a world of help to those looking into your “style” of homeschooling. It will also serve as a comfort for new homeschooling families or those looking to homeschool to see a homeschool family in action!
  2. Please keep the post more than 400 words but less than 1000 words and include a photo or two or three :)
  3. Feel free to link to your blog and cross promote any posts you have written on the subject!
  4. Proofread the document for any errors and fluency issues.
  5. Provide a short 1-2 sentence bio with a link to your blog and social media pages – I want others to be able to find you easily!

If you have a method/approach not listed, please feel free to contact me as well.

If you are interested, please click HERE to contact me and let me know which approach you’d like to cover. The first to contact for each category will be the ones to fill the slots.

This series is scheduled to run in June and July, but will go into August if necessary! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Thank you!


  1. says

    Hi Carlie! I’d be happy to help you out with a post if you need me. :) I can post on special needs or eclectic. If you don’t need me that’s ok too. Just want you to know that I’m available!

    • Carlie says

      Wendy, I have you down :) I’ll be in contact with you about due dates and scheduled posting dates as well! Thanks dear friend!!

    • Carlie says

      Yes, Teri, I’d LOVE that! I have you down for Leadership Education and will be in touch shortly with due date and posting date :)

    • Carlie says

      Lisa, I would love to have one more Charlotte Mason post! I’ll email you shortly with the details of due dates, guidelines, etc :)