Look What’s In The MAIL!!

What came in the mail today? Curriculum! Curriculum! Curriculum! For those of you fellow homeschoolers out there, I know you feel me on this one. For those of you who don’t homeschool, here is the deal: Buying and receiving new curriculum throughout the year is a HUGE point of excitement in the Kercheval household. Why? Because we LOVE to learn around here and spend most of our time doing it! Today we received our next history and geography curriculum as well as our first German language curriculum too. It was a great day! Since we homeschool year round, we start and finish curriculum all through out the year so we are always on the hunt for more knowledge. Checking the mail has become a very exciting thing for our children, and today was no exception! Happy learning ya’ll :)


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    I'm excited to be a follower of your blog, Carlie. Do most home schoolers teach year 'round? I found that interesting. It's something I've seriously contemplated since we had kids but oftentimes doubt my ability to be up for the task. I think it'll be great to get an inside look into what your lives are like. Thank you for sharing!

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    Hey Heidi,
    Thanks for stopping by :) Most homeschoolers I know do not school year round. They stick to the traditional schooling with 2-3 months off in the summer. The main reason we have chosen not to is because we don't think that learning is as effective when there is such a long break in between – especially in the foundational years. Homeschooling year round gives us optimal flexibility for vacationing and of course helps with our current military life style. I also find that there is no pressure in trying to work through curriculum as we don't have to "pack" it all in. This helps when life throws the unexpected at you!

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    Yes, it's a feeling that only homeschoolers understand. I get that same level of excitement when the UPS truck pulls up with boxes of books. Enjoy your new curriculum!

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    Lovely! So excited that it came! I look forward to "doing" MFW ECC with you guys this year- Via blog and Skype of course. I hope you enjoy- that it has what you, the boys and Hannah needs and supports the mission of your homeschool. Bless you!

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    Super excited for you – we have curriculum coming daily too – we are ending our year – taking a month off, then back at it – love some year round school!! What are you guys using this year? I am jumping on the My Father's World boat this year and we found an amazing co-op that is funded by the state/school district and offers free activities to our kids – they will enjoy that one day a week!!