A Look Into My Life 13 Years Later

Yesterday, September 13, 2011, was my 13-year-anniversary of accepting Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. At the time, I was an extremely angry 22-year-old young woman who was in her sophomore year of studies at Washington State University. Needless to say, it was a divine appointment that God had set – and I am so glad He did.

A Glance Into Who I Am Now, That I Was NOT Back Then:
I am now at peace.
I am now accepting of the love that others give.
I am now able to give love.
I am forgiven.
I am redeemed.
I am a daughter of the King of Kings.
I am born again.
I am a spirit filled believer of Jesus Christ.
I am blessed with a husband who love God more than life itself.
I am blessed with three beautiful children who call Jesus their Lord.
I am compassionate towards orphans and widows.
I am thankful for my life.
I am a lover of the Bible.
I am a prayerful woman.
I am a friend.
I am a vessel used by Him.
I am in a relationship with Jesus that has been 13 years strong.

So thankful for the turn my life took on that precious day back in Pullman, Washington, at Calvary Christian Center on September 13, 1998. It is a time of reflection on this day every year for the rest of my life.

All Praise Be To Jesus, 
The Author And Perfecter Of My Faith,
Carlie K.

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