K5 Online Learning – A Review

Recently I was given the opportunity to review K5 Learning’s online program with my children. K5 Learning is designed to be a supplemental learning program for children in grades kindergarten through fifth grade. The program includes: K5 Reading, K5 Math, K5 Spelling and K5 Math Facts and is designed to help foster or create a love of learning in your children as well as develop good study habits.

I decided to try K5 out with my 5-year-old son (who is in K) and my 10-year-old daughter (who is in 5th grade). Below you’ll find their experiences.

For my 5-year-old Prince Charming the program was not his cup of tea. For some reason he never really got into it and preferred another online program over K5. I am not sure exactly what it was for him that was not appealing (it is a little tough to get a clear and concise answer about such things from a 5-year-old…LOL). But as a parent I can say that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the content or approach, but I just did not have any success with my little guy and this program. And it was not an issue of it being too difficult either, just not a good match for him. After 4 weeks of attempting to get him to be interested, I just let it be and focused on our 5th grade daughter instead.

Princess, our budding 5th grader enjoyed her time using K5. As a homeschool family we really do not have much need for a full supplemental program, but from time to time she enjoys using fun programs to play educational games. She enjoyed playing a variety of math games as well as creating her own character for her account. Although she did not do the K5 program every day – she did enjoy the time she spent while on their site.

I will say that this was not as big of a hit as I was hoping for it to be with my children. However, everyone’s educational needs are different and I do find this to be a wonderful and solid supplemental program. Don’t take my word for it, why not give K5 a FREE try for yourself? I believe that this is the best way to determine whether or not it is a right fit for your family!

FREE trial information: K5 learning offers a 14-day free trial (no obligations, no credit card) giving full access to its complete program including K5 Math, K5 Reading, K5 Spelling and K5 Math Facts. As part of the free trial, your child will receive free assessments for both reading and math.

FTC Disclosure: I was provided with a free 6 week trial of K5 in exchange for an honest review published on my blog. The opinions above are entirely my own.