Interpretation Tuesday – What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

In keeping with our new and fresh tradition, today was Interpretation Tuesday in the “K” household. Today’s topic for discussion and interpretation was the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” We talked a little bit about the importance of dreaming and allowing God to help shape your dream/vision. After our talk they wanted to “draw” their grown up jobs with colored pencils and crayons. Thus, their interpretations.

Here is what the children said:

S (2-year-old) – “School. I wanna be school.” This is too cute to me, not only as a homeschooling mom, but as a mother – period. Who does not appreciate it when their baby boy tells them they want to learn. Even though he doesn’t understand the question as fully as his older siblings, I know that little S has a good grasp on what we were talking about today.

M (4-year-old)“Mama, I wanna be a cooker and a golfer. I want to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and oh yeah, SNACKS! Lots of snacks!” Well this is so sweet to me for several reasons. First off, anyone who knows us, knows that my husband is a cook in the US Army. M looks up to his daddy and this is a major reason he wants to be a “cooker.” He also sees his daddy take care of his family and love on us through cooking meals at times when he is home. Such a remarkable example. Not sure when M came into golfing, but hey, he has clubs my dad gave him, so he can practice!

H (10-year-old) – “I want to be a stylist for red carpet events.” Anyone who knows H knows that she has been a fashionista since day 1. And no, she didn’t get it from me! HAHAHA! So this did not surprise me at all that she wanted to pursue something she has enjoyed throughout her whole life – fashion!

Do I expect my children to know what they want to do and who they want to be as adults right now? No. Not really. But it doesn’t hurt to allow them to dream and talk about what their passions are. I see the joy light up in their eyes when they get the chance to talk to me about what they like. It makes my heart full of joy to be able to see them express themselves through words and art mediums to reinforce what it is we are learning and talking about. So blessed to see these beautiful human beings being shaped and molded into who God created them to be. I love homeschooling!