IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Migrating to Word Press…

I wanted to extend a special invite out to those of you who follow my blog via Google Friend Connect to please sign up to follow via FB and RSS as my blog is in the process of transferring over to self-hosted Word Press. As most of you know, Google is no longer allowing Word Press sites to have GFC on them, and I don’t want to lose my valuable friends! 

Each and every one of you are important to me and I am so thankful for all your support and encouragement! The new site should be up and ready within 48-36 hours.

Hope to see you all there!


    • Carlie says

      Savannah, it wasn’t too bad. I would say the only thing that went “wrong” is that I lost over 100 RSS subscribers, which stinks, but hey, if they really want to follow, they’ll do it :) Then after that it is just formatting issues from the transfer – which for me drives me nutty. LOL. I am really one for aesthetics and so I am trying to decide whether to leave it alone or go and fix all of them. I also have to go and re-tag old posts but with WP I love how they have a filing system in addition to tags. Over all, it was not too bad. I am really excited about learning more about WP. I have already been able to do quite a few neat things with the plug ins, but I am a rookie – so we’ll see what happens! Are you thinking of making the switch? Or are you already on WP?