I’m Proud of My Daughter

I am so proud of my daughter who is promoting as quickly as she can in Civil Air Patrol. She has goals. She wants to be a technical sergeant before their summer encampment. We PCS this summer and she hopes it will help her transition more easily into a new squadron wherever we move.

I love seeing the leadership skills develop as she learns new concepts and takes on more responsibility. She narrates to me the events of her CAP meetings every Tuesday evening. I listen to her complaints and compliments and successes and ideas. I can see her beam when her ideas have been heard and commended by the squadron leadership. She’s realizing she’s not just a little kid anymore since the CAP members are 12-adult. She shines in this environment.

Liz applied to be the squadron public relations NCO this month.

She had to write a biographical essay and submit some photography samples. I was very impressed. She captured some great shots of backyard birds. I hope she gets the position! There’s another candidate who’s older, so she’s a little worried. 

Proud of My Daughter

For summer encampment, there are duties she can volunteer for to help offset costs, and I am pleased that she is looking into these work options to help out. I am surprised she would even consider the kitchen helper duty since she doesn’t care to do that at home!

I know my girl has fears about what the next few years will bring. After we move this summer, she will experience her high school years in our new location. I try not to invalidate her feelings. I know the moving around every two to four years is hard on a kid. I know social stuff is difficult to navigate – I’m still learning! She’s brave. She has convictions. She teaches me so much.

I’m so proud of my daughter.

And I need to remember to tell her how much I love her and how proud I am of who she is becoming. I need to stop and pray more – with her and for her.

I need to remember that every word out of my mouth, my tone, my body language, my eyes . . . speak to her. She’s learning and absorbing it all. She’s watching me as a model for what a woman, wife, and mother is and should be.

I can speak love and life into her goals and dreams . . . or I can kill her aspirations with a harsh word.


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    {Melinda} I am proud of my girl, too. She struggles a lot academically and I’m proud that she continues to persevere. It’s not easy to go to school day after day when you absolutely hate it. It’s hard for me to watch, but I know that God is building qualities and character in her through these struggles.

    You have much reason to be proud of your daughter. Thank you for the reminder to consistently speak life into my daughter. Sometimes I can find myself just focusing on what she “should” do and not take the time to praise the good things she’s already doing.
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