How to Save While Dating Your Spouse


My husband and I attempt to have one date a month, where we go out together and just enjoy each other’s company while building on our relationship.  Most of the time we go to a restaurant, as he loves to pamper me with a meal that I didn’t prepare.  As wonderful as this is for us to do, it can become quite expensive.

Here are some ways that you can date your spouse and save while doing it:

Pack a Picnic Dinner – We all love a romantic meal on a blanket outside, right? Pack some finger foods and don’t forget the sweet for your sweetheart, and meet up for a date at a local park for lunch or for dinner.

Take Walks or Rides Together – Walking around a pond or a nature trail is a great way to enjoy some time together, while getting some exercise. My hubby is working on fixing his motorcycle so we can begin that treasured ride in the country (and maybe a picnic dinner together). Don’t forget to use the bicycles together, as well.

Find a Discount Movie Theater – We stopped going to a movie theater as a normal thing a long time ago, as we have learned to be patient for the DVD and the control over what we watch. However, recently we found a historical theater that has an organist play, instead of previews, and for only $2 a person. Now that is a cheap date, unless you buy the stuff in the lobby before going in for the movie.

Have a Movie Night at Home – I remember once, when we had a sitter overnight and our plans were ruined for what we wanted to do, that I suggested to rent a movie and enjoy it at home ALONE! I loved that night and it can easily be done when swapping children with friends. You can even wait until the kids go to bed (or tuck them in early) for your movie night at home, but these days disappear when your kids get older and you get tired earlier.

Purchase a Used Recreation Item for Inside – Getting a used ping-pong table, pool table, or darts can be a great way to enjoy your hubby with an investment that can be used for your date nights, family nights, and even friend time.

Have a Game Night at Home – We enjoy game time with our family but it is so fun to just challenge my husband. We have lots of memories of playing chess late into the night on our “date nights.”

Go Out for Dessert Only – Enjoying a piece of cake together, after we have already had dinner at home, is a really nice option when a full dinner isn’t in the budget. You can still enjoy the booth for at least an hour or more, while enjoying the atmosphere of a nice restaurant.

Share a Babysitter and Do a Couple Date at the Other House – Going in on a sitter is a smart thing for two couples to do. One home becomes the kids’ zone and the other is the couples’ zone. This can easily become something you do often, but be sure it isn’t the only time you make with your spouse. I hope these tips help you to date your spouse on a budget!

Do you have any ideas that I didn’t share?

Dollie @ Teachers of Good Things