Homeschooling with Sensory Processing Disorder

Living with an invisible disability seems to be extremely hard to explain to people. I hope that sharing my journey as a mom with a child with Sensory Processing Disorder will help many see the invisible side of things. All too often children are diagnosed with other disorders, when in fact they have SPD. SPD is not a disorder that is treated with any medication. The best way to treat SPD is to attend occupational therapy.

Homeschooling with Sensory Processing Disorder

Four years ago I invested in what I’d consider the best classroom chairs. After researching about SPD, I found out there are many techniques you can do right at home. The chairs we use are one of the favorite things kids enjoy when they come to our house. The fully inflated Gold’s Gym exercise balls bounce and roll around our home. They allow my kids to sit and bounce and roll while attentively listening to the school lesson. They will scoot up to the table with the ball and do their lessons happily bouncing away.

I sewed a weighted blanket for my daughter. The 10-hour day was well worth it. I had to properly weight it down and I had to equally place the beads in each section of the blanket. When it was all done my daughter was overjoyed. They weight of the blanket helps her feel in place and secure. She used it a lot in the beginning when she was so lost. She uses it very little now, but when she needs it, it’s the best thing for its job. There are several different weighted items you can even buy: a vest, a lap blanket, and even a shawl. I imagine the blanket I made her years ago will be around for a long time.

Finding what works for your child can be tricky at times. It’s no different for my home. I’ve come to realize I have two different learners. My oldest daughter enjoys all hands on. It gives her much comfort and confidence when I’m sitting next to her and just being there. My help is offered without waiting if needed. This allows her to drop her anxiety levels and be able to focus on school. My youngest daughter loves a good challenge. She is the child that will take a schedule, read it, and scurry off to begin. This makes it much easier at times to focus on school with multiple kids. I’m only needed by one majority, until next year when my preschooler boy begins his school. Then I’ll officially be stretched from here to there.

Whenever you’re trying to find something that will work, stay open minded. Always know that the best thing for your child is you.

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