Homeschooling, From A Father’s Perspective – Learning The German Language

Since I published that there will be a new weekly (or possibly every other week) Thursday feature added to my blog, written by my husband, the response was large and very positive. I am grateful to God for putting this upon my heart and for a husband who is willing to do it.

 Daddy & His Princess A Day Before He Deployed July 2011
Recently, my family and I relocated to Germany for our new and most current Army duty assignment. Shortly afterwards, my wife Carlie took the initiative in purchasing a detailed German language curriculum.  At first when Carlie first showed it to me, I thought to myself, “this little booklet is going to be boring.” Boy, was I wrong!  Praise God for my wife!  One morning I sat on the couch and watched my daughter Princess open up her German language book.  Then I was amazed to hear the narrator speak over the computer, as my daughter found her lesson at hand.  I quickly grabbed the teacher’s edition of this German lesson so I could follow along too.

It was awesome to see my daughter following along and truly putting forth the effort to learn.  Most kids now-a-days are all about having someone do their work for them.  But Princess took the time to learn the new German words without an attitude.  I then began to chime in and try to keep up with the language.  It was awesome spending quality time with Princess.  She did a great job with pronouncing the German words.  There are times like these that I am indeed speechless; so grateful to God for His leading our family to homeschool.  To be able to spend quality time watching my daughter learn the German language is something I would have never achieved if she were being taught outside of the home due to my crazy and demanding work schedule.  It was awesome to be there for Princess by watching and hearing her speak – another memory to add to the bank of precious moments between my daughter and I.

Father’s, I encourage you whether you already are a part of your child(rens) homeschooling or not; to sit down and watch what God is and will continue to do with the seeds of love and obedience you have sown. Homeschooling is a huge part of shaping our children’s lives, and I for one, am one blessed Father to see it first hand. Pray and encourage your wives, and be encouraged yourself!

Michael K


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    Michael, I really look forward to reading more of what you have to say. Carlie is such a phenomenal woman and it just stands to reason that she would have someone like you to walk with, in life. May God continue to protect and bless your family so that you all can continue to honor God by being an example of what a Christian family is supposed to look like. Keep us posted on Hannah's progress!

    And to all 5 of you: Thank you for your continued service to our country. Your willingness to sacrifice for what you feel God has called you to do is something I can never fully express my gratitude for.

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    Amen! My husband is a graphic artist so he's been able to take on the job of being my girls' primary art teacher. They do curriculum-related crafts with me, but they learn art history and technique with Daddy on Thursday nights, and it's just beautiful. He's involved in other ways as much as possible, too – always being the audience for their finished book projects and tonight he's going to listen as they use their Picture-Smart Bible overview page to tell what they know about the Word.