Homeschooling, From A Father’s Perspective – an introduction

Since I published that there will be a new weekly (or possibly every other week) Thursday feature added to my blog, written by my husband, the response was large and very positive. I am grateful to God for putting this upon my heart and for a husband who is willing to do it. This is the first post of many – an introduction to the man who will be sharing his heart with you all :)

 Michael & Carlie

Introduction:  My name is Michael K. I was born in Seattle, Washington.  I am married to my lovely wife Carlie K.  We have been married for over 11 years now. Praise God!! Together God has blessed us with three lovely children named: “Princess” (daughter 10), Prince Charming (son 4), and Little Caveman (son 2). 

I am a Food Service Specialist (cook) in the U.S. Army.  I have been in the Army for over eight years now.  I have been deployed to a combat zone four times.  I am currently deployed to Afghanistan, producing quality meals for the warriors on my post.  I enjoy seeing them come in from a hard day’s work and literally see their morale boost back up after eating good food – served with a smile. 

My initial thought of homeschooling was how would it be possible for our daughter, Princess,  to get the proper credit for being taught at home versus at a public school.  Granted I was younger and I did not do any research like I should have.  My wife and I had been in prayer about homeschooling  and we both had peace about homeschooling our daughter Princess.  From my perspective, I like the whole idea that Princess could be taught at her learning rate and be able to spend quality with us as her family.  She did not have to be gone up to 6-8 hours a day because of how the public schools structure everything.  Plus, now my wife and I had more opportunity to raise Princess with more Christian morals rather than allowing worldly people to dictate who Princess was.  I am not saying public schools are bad, but Carlie and I got God’s blessing for us to homeschool our daughter Princess and have the opportunity to teach her life’s experiences incorporated through homeschooling.  

I must admit Carlie does 99% of all the teaching, but I have and will continue to sow into teaching Princess, whenever I am able to.  I do in fact get involved by asking my wife what I can do to help and talking to Princess about what things she learns each day.  In the end my wife and I are determined to come together and homeschool all our children.  

I want to encourage all of you to make sure you seek God first on whether or not He wants you to homeschool or send your child to a school away from home.  It is our duty as parents to not allow any institution or anyone else to have more influence in our children’s life/lives than we do.  So make it a priority to get involved and enforce your influence in a Godly way into your child’s life daily.


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    Very nice post… We are also a military and my husband is also deployed right now. Its refreshing to hear a dad talk about the benefits of hs… I sometimes doubt myself but I feel it is the best thing right now. This is our second year homeschooling – we just adopted a 9 year old girl from China and I have a 9 year old bio, and 5 year old son from China… I have been tempted here of late – should I put my newest one in school or not… will I be able to help her better. Homeschooling is such a blessing but also scary at the same time. When I think of what some of these kids are learning at school though it puts things in persepctive. Best of luck to you! Thanks for sharing. Heidi

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    This is a great post, Michael – and thank you for your service to our country! My favorite line was, "It is our duty as parents to not allow any institution or anyone else to have more influence in our children's life/lives than we do." Amen!

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    I admit before meeting you Carlie, I was not very informed about home schooling. Since then I feel like I have so much information.
    I loved reading this. A Father's perspective is very important. My husband Patrick is also a cook. He has always took pride in the job that he does in the Navy. I felt Michael's pride as he described feeding the troops. The same is true as he describes his feelings about Hannah being homeschooled. I pray this post is shared with as many people as possible. Love your Blog Friend!!!