Homeschooling, From A Father’s Perspective – Reminiscing On Affection

“And, ye fathers, provoke not your children
to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture
and admonition of the Lord.”
~Ephesians 6:4

I remember the times when I would wrestle and go over flash cards with my sons Prince Charming and Little Caveman.  They enjoyed me getting up early with them and going downstairs to feed and play with them.  My boys enjoy me playing with them and valuing the time we had as I got tackled to the ground.  On top of this I would make some serious sound effects to get them worked up.  They would compete to get my attention. 

Everyone wants to be loved and for people to acknowledge them.  It is imperative for men to show affection toward their sons. I remember all the times that my dad would nearly hurt himself trying to do the centipede while laying down on the floor.  It was funny watching a grown man display child-like enthusiasm.  This is positive enthusiasm from my father that I used as a tool to focus on the blessings that I received in my life instead of negative emotions that would come from time-to-time. 

My boys love running and jumping on me.  I would laugh and smile because my boys love playing rough with me.  After a while of rough play, I would take out some alphabetical flash cards to quiz my sons.  Our oldest boy, Prince Charming, quickly blurted out the correct answers, while younger brother, Little Caveman, would eagerly learn.  I kept asking more questions and would praise them for their correct answers and efforts. 

Fathers – it is crucial that we take time out of our day to show affection toward our children.  Affection goes a long way when a child knows the intentions of a father’s heart.  Men it is important to praise your kids and show them that you love them by investing time to teach them.  This is one of the keys to successful father-child relationships; exhorting your children with no strings attached.  I truly miss seeing Prince Charming, Little Caveman, and Princess’ smile toward me as we’d share in some affections straight from the heart.