The Homeschool Mother’s Journal (8/2/14)

Homeschool Mom

The Vision of the Homeschool Mother’s Journal

1. There are no “guidelines” or “writing” prompts. Rather, I want you to share ANY post that will help share your momma heart on any aspect of homeschooling and motherhood.

2. The posts do not have to only be homeschool related. They can be anything that will encourage another mother on her motherhood journey.

3. The tagline for our Homeschool Mother’s Journal is: Sharing our hearts as we journey together.

The bottom line?

I want you to share your momma heart without worrying about following a format. I want homeschooling mom’s to be able to come here each week for encouragement in life, homeschool, homemaking, homeschooling, and any other relevant topic to homeschooling families. I want it to be a place where both working mom’s that homeschool and work-at-home homeschooling momma’s can rally up and say, I have your back! or I am having a really hard time, will you pray for me?.

Grab A Graphic!

Here are the graphics you can use in your post. Please DO NOT modify these images as they as they are subject to copyright. You can copy the code in the box below the image and insert it in the HTML portion of your website.

Managing Your Blessings


The Homeschool Mother's Journal


I pray that this link-up will serve a purpose in the online international homeschooling community where hearts will be knit together and lives changed. My prayer is that you will realize that you are not alone, homeschooling momma, we care about you. We are here for you. I am so excited to see how the new change will serve this community of amazing homeschooling families.

Love, Carlie K.

Let’s Share Our Momma Hearts!