Homemade Organic Apple Juice {Using Your Vitamix}

ManagingYourBlessings.comAs some of you may remember, I was so blessed to be able to purchase a Vitamix at the beginning of this year. Our family has been working up to getting rid of processed foods in our home now for several years. It is a process. At first we wanted to do away with all of it – but that is not reality. We had to learn over time how to replace many of the “staples” we were using before we could eliminate them entirely. We have reached a place where there are only a few things in the home we do not make most of them being condiments and some organic cereals.

A huge reason of ours to get a Vitamix was to be able to make our own grains for breads and make really good juices that you simply cannot make in a blender OR juicer without losing much of the nutrients. With that being said, I wanted to show you how EASY it is to make organic homemade apple juice! And the best part is, there are NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS in it (like arsenic)!

This recipe only makes approximately 6 cups as we like to make it fresh every day and only drink a little bit at a time as it is much different (stronger) than store bought juice.


3 organic apples

1 cup of steamed distilled water (other water will suffice but this is best)

You will need a Vitamix and cheesecloth.


Wash, quarter, and seed apples


Turn machine on low starting at 1 and quickly turn to 10, then high.

Mix until completely pureed, using the tamper as needed – about 45 seconds.

Next take out your cheesecloth (we use organic unbleached)

and find a container you will use to store the juice in.


And….voilà! You have just made some delicious organic apple juice without the arsenic!


Of course if you do not have a Vitamix OR want to make larger quantities, you can make it other ways. Here is a link to a recipe I found that is similar to canning (for those without this machine). Enjoy!


  1. Jenessa says

    i was getting the reddish apples in a bag at norma and i discovered the seeds taste like marzipan! so when i actually put it in our vitamix i left the seeds in. i don’t know if you knew it, but the seeds have loads and loads of nutrients. it didn’t make the apple juice taste bitter, but i’m sure that’s dependent on the type of apple. certainly the type of juice, i tried to be lazy with clementines later, that didn’t work for me.!

    • Carlie says

      Hmmm….I will have to keep the seeds in next time! I know they have nutrients, but I can’t lie I was a bit scared to do it….hahahaha. But hey, that’s why we’ve invested in Vitamix, right? We can put most everything in there and it takes care of business :) Thanks Jenessa!

      • Jenessa says

        i would certainly taste the seeds before hand, i don’t think they all taste the same by any stretch of the imagination. but even when i’d eat those apples, i’d pick out the seeds to eat from the core

  2. the dad says

    Home Schooler’s totally ROCK!!!!! ….A math problem for you: If you have 3 organic apples and 1 cup of water, how do you get 6 quarts of juice? …really? quarts???? ….I know it’s been done with loaves and fishes…but that was a long time ago…. 😉 How much does it really make? …guessing, about 1 quart…