GUEST POST: Becoming A Better Science Teacher

Teaching science as a mom that home schools can sometimes be a challenge, but that does not mean that it is impossible. With the range of online resources now available, as well as many offline activities, it is possible to give an education that is both apt and thrilling. You do not need to hold a science-based degree to educate your child, and many home schooling moms find that their approach is better than that of their school-based counterparts.

One of the greatest benefits to home schooling your child is that all learning can reach far beyond the class room. There really are no limits, and as such your little one will be educated in a way that is tailored to their own abilities and pace. Take biology for example, you are not restricted to simple text books that only give a 2D monotone illustration of the body’s workings; you can make the most of the web by finding videos, interactive 3D models and worksheets. Such inclusive ways of learning will allow your child to really explore what the body does, which has been proven to be more effective in terms of learning.

Of course, interactive learning is not just restricted to biology. Physics is known as the ‘fundamental science’ and, as such, it is easy to combine web-based and real life learning. While you as a parent can make the most of online resources, such as the UK’s BBC learning site, your child can explore the world around them and put their theoretical learning in to practice. Take friction for example; there are surfaces both inside and outside of the home that your child can experiment with, which will help them to keep learning models in their mind. Not only can your child learn from large scale websites, many home schooling enthusiasts have set up adequate blogs, such as the Home Schooling Physicist. More general sites, such as, are also very useful resources.

The really fantastic thing about home schooling is tha
t even subjects such as physics can be taken from the every day realm to a world of fantasy. Your child has the choice of exploring astronomy and space, two areas of science that will capture their imagination. Building models, using basic telescopes and experimenting with theories will give depth to their learning.

When it comes to further experimentation with home schooled science, no subject is more tantalizing than chemistry. There is no need to be in a school-based laboratory, even to carry out experiments. Chemistry kits can be purchased online and you can use them to explore the basics of the subject. Unlike school-based learning your child can take his or her time and have exclusive access to materials.

When it comes to science and home school learning, it is possible for all parents to give their children an adequate education. It is a subject that you can explore together and one that you can use to interpret the world around you. By combining online materials and easy-to-use offline resources, you can educate your child in the basics of science, later building on to exploring the advanced aspects together. If you are ever struggling, it is possible to link with local groups and push your learning experiences forward. 

Sarah Jenkins is a home schooling mom that actively promotes resources for home schooled children in her locality. Her interactive approach to learning helps both parents and children alike to learn interactively. Sarah recognizes that not all parents feel confident when it comes to science, but fully recommends that all give exploring the world around them a go. She is also a writer for, which explores higher education options.