Glorifying God with Your Talents

Glorifying God with Your Talents

For many years, I looked at people who had special talents and thought they were uniquely gifted by God. I know friends who have an amazing voice, the gift of creativity, unusual problem-solving skills. But somewhere along the line, God nudged me, reminding me that He has gifted me, too, with some unique talents. It was up to me to discover them and use them for His glory.

Yes, friend. The same applies to you, too. God has given you a set of unique strengths that He wants you to use for His glory. But what are your strengths, and how can you put them to good use?

Here are a few tips on glorifying God with your talents.

1. Find Your Strengths

Often, your talents coincide with topics you are passionate about, or tasks you’re really good at doing. Take a look back over your life and try to remember those things that energized you and made you feel alive. It could be a subject you learned in college, a topic you discussed with a friend, or even a hobby you used to have time for. If you are good at doing it, and you enjoy it as well, that is most likely your strength.

2. Surrender Your Talent to God

It’s so easy to think we’re so good at something through our own efforts. But we need to acknowledge that our talent comes from God. After you’ve found your strengths, take some time to pray and offer them back to God. Surrender them to Him as an offering and ask Him to help you be a good steward of them. As you pray about it, God will show you ways you can make the best use of your talents.

3. Use Your Talents

This is where the rubber meets the road. Sitting on a pot of gold will do us no good. It’s up to us to use our talents to benefit our families and glorify God. Think about ways you can use your unique God-given strengths to minister to those around you. Chances are, God will show you opportunities where you can do that.

I also believe that it’s possible to financially bless our families with the talents God has given each of us. With that in mind, I created an eCourse entitled 4 Weeks to Sell Your First Product Online. This is an online course which will help you identify a profitable product idea and make money by selling it online.

4 Weeks to Sell Your First Product Online

The course runs for 4 weeks. Here is an outline of the modules:

Week 1: Identifying a product idea that will do well in the market

Week 2: The product creation process

Week 3: Setting up the sales page and payment process

Week 4: The product launch

I wanted this course to be affordable, so I’ve priced it at a minimum of $1 onwards. I also have a challenge running on my blog currently that will help you work through the course and get your own product ready to be sold in just 4 weeks! Come join us!