Freedom to Teach…Freedom to Lead


Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.” ~ George Washington Carver

Looking back into history, we have found that great leaders have been born out of a desire to learn, grow, and change. Many were self-made men and women guided by strong hands or possessing a strong will within. From it’s earliest inception and throughout history to even quite recently, education has been infused into the home. Children were taught by instruction and example with the close involvement of their family.

Fast forward to 2013. We still value education today, though this process has been reevaluated and even redefined by many. However, one thing remains the same: our children are our future. What we pour into them today will help to shape tomorrow. For those of us that homeschool, we are passionate about the fact that learning does not need to be relegated to square rooms with an 18:1 ratio. It can happen in a living room, backyard, or a van.

Today is a joyous occasion in the United States as we celebrate our freedom!

Today, we celebrate the freedom to teach and we commit to be the best instructors that we can be.

Today, we celebrate the freedom to lead and resolve to be worthy of such an honor.

Today, we celebrate the freedom to be different and bolster our courage as we face a society who believes in making all things common.

Today, we celebrate the freedom to have a voice and pledge to be attentive to any legislation that might take away this right!

Today, we celebrate freedom! Happy Birthday, America!