Family Time Fitness {Homeschool PE} Review

Fitness For Homeschool

When I was offered the chance to review Family Time Fitness {Homeschool PE Curriculum} I knew it was something that my family was in dire need of. Currently, our very small co-op made up of US military families in Germany, no longer offers a Physical Education program. My three children loved going to PE and I could tell that I needed to do something a bit more structured in this area of our homeschool.

Why We Like Family Time Fitness

  • The large variety of physical activities. This has to be our family’s absolute favorite thing about this PE curriculum. Our children are enjoying the wide variety of exercises as it keeps them all interested and excited to learn something new.
  • The fact I can use it for all 3 of our children ages 3, 5, and 11. It has been a blessing that although our children vary in age and coordination, each one of them are able to get maximum results from the same PE lesson.
  • The demonstration videos. Although I know most of the exercises by name in this curriculum, there have been a few I came across that I was unsure as to what they were. I was able to click on the link provided in the lesson outline and it took me to a YouTube video demonstration. Brilliant!
  • The Portability. Because we are a military family and have a lot of interruptions in our lives – I am glad that this program can be taken with us and used anywhere we go. This summer we will be traveling around Germany and will be taking this with us to all the places we are staying!
  • The Flexibility. I like the simple fact that there are 260 professionally planned lessons that you have to work with. For the most part we stick with the curriculum plan – but there have been several days that the children wanted to replace one of the exercises with a different one. And it still works out great!


Purchase Family Time Fitness

You can purchase your program by simply going to the Family Time Fitness website.


Disclosure: I was provided with a complimentary copy of the Family Time Fitness Homeschool PE curriculum for review purposes. All views expressed above are my own.


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    I am so thankful to read your awesome review of FTF. We ordered it for our boys and will be receiving it soon. I was a bit hesitant as I hadn’t had the opportunity to review it myself. I am so glad your kids love it and am now really looking forward to receiving ours soon.


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    Thanks for your review! This program is on our to-buy list for our Fall semester this year and it’s very encouraging to read such great reviews on it.