Exploring Germany {Regensburg}

I am so excited to take you on a tour of some beautiful places in Germany!

Regensburg, Germany, is a beautiful city in Bavaria located at the conflux of the Danube and Regen rivers. This city dates back to the stone ages when it’s first settlements were built. Now, a modern and bustling city along the river, Regensburg attracts tourists from around the world. And we were blessed to be able to spend a day there recently.

While there are many points of interest in the city, our two top priorities were the Steinerne Brücke (Stone Bridge) and The Dom Cathedral.

Photos of the Steinerne Brücke

A picture I took showing part of the city line of Regensburg along the river. Altough you cannot see it, the Steinerne Brücke is to the left {of this shot}.

Photos Taken of The Dom Cathedral

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  1. Issac Lansglow says

    Regensburg is really a cool city in Bavaria and a perfect tourist destination. Your all images are so lovely and interior of Regensburg cathedral is looking so royal.