Exploring Countries And Cultures – Making Paper Dolls

Guten Morgan!

This morning we decided to start off our school day making paper dolls. It was an art assignment from yesterday (Tuesday’s) lesson out of My Father’s World – Exploring Countries And Cultures. The children had a blast with this one. They really got into it and I asked each one to pose with their absolute favorite set of paper dolls they made.

Here they are! Glitter and all!

Prince Charming posing with his triangle, circle, and square people.
Only he knows where they are from :)

Little Caveman posing with his “S” people….hmmmmm
wonder what that “S” stands for….
Look what those “S” people did to his hands…..LOL!
 Princess made some folks from around the world.
She is most proud of her “German” friend on the right
AND of the guy in the glittery black outfit!
Close up of her friends….
Her fancy glittery friend :) He really does 
sparkle in the light, we promise!
Enjoying the life I’ve found in Christ,
Carlie K.


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    Aw, I love that the younger ones joined in and decorated them with something that made sense for their age! We're also doing ECC this year. Hope to get to know you better as we travel the globe together! :)

    PS – Your kids area beautiful!