Europa Park {Rust, Germany}

Europa Park is located in Rust, Germany. Rust is a beautiful town situated in the Rhine Valley just a 45 minute drive to Strasbourg, France. We took a 5-day trip down to Rust this summer after my husband returned from his 5th year long deployment to the middle East. Our family has been to many theme parks in the United States including: Disneyland {California}, Disney World {Florida}, Six Flags {various states}, Kings Dominion {Virginia}, Busch Gardens {VA, FL, TX}, and several more. So needless to say, we had some pretty tall expectations for our theme park experience at Europa Park. And the great thing is, it exceeded our expectations!

When we arrived at the entrance, we saw all the international flags and got really excited. Although we had read online about Europa Park, we still had no idea how fun visiting each “country” would really be. In all honesty, we thought that it might be similar to Epcot, but boy were we wrong!

When asking each child what their favorite part about our trip to Europa Park, here is what each of them had to say:

Princess (11), “The upside down roller coaster (Blue Fire) and The Three Piglets restaurant.”

Prince Charming (5), “Going down that water ride. You know, the big boat one!”

Little Caveman (3), “That truck ride. I like driving trucks.”

Truth be told, we all really enjoyed everything we experienced on our 5-day trip. We had a chance to really take in the surroundings and take our time each day. Rust is a quaint little town with LOTS of wonderful restaurants on the economy. We ended up buying season passes for our family and plan to go a couple more times before we move back home next summer. Here are a few more photos highlighting our fabulous time in Rust.

All-in-all we had a great time as a family at Europa Park! I would highly suggest planning a visit with your family if you are ever in Germany. We plan to take another trip this spring and are looking forward to it!

Oh, wait, I wanted to post a photo of what MY favorite part of Europa Park was (aside from being with my family):

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