Essential Oils: An Introduction

I have a secret. I’m a bit of an essential oils junkie! As with most secrets they eventually get found out, mine was no exception. I spent the first several months after being introduced to them, keeping things under wraps. Essential oils weren’t a popular topic in any circles I connect with. At that time, I mostly associated oils with something from the hippie era and it probably didn’t help that my husband referred to them as ‘snake oils’ (he has since been converted)! However, my first exposure to using them moved me from cynic to believer overnight.

Essential Oils: An Introduction ||

Here is the story that started it all. A few years ago two of my sons came down with fevers, flushed cheeks and raging ear infections. I’d gone to the doctor and was told it would be best to wait a couple days and see. Being a tad overly tired and a lot frustrated I thought to myself, ‘Wait to see. Wait to see how much worse it gets? Wait to see how long their fevers will be over 102?’

I went home and dialed the phone to my sister who had given me a few doTERRA essential oils. I asked her if anything I had would work and was told yes! I went to work right away following instructions. It was the first time I had used them in a medicinal way, beyond the smell good side to the therapeutic. Applying them frequently and consistently over a twelve hour period I found results that made me take a closer look. Both boys woke the next day without fever, flushed cheeks or ear pain. I knew I was on to something!

Having worked in a medical center while in college for six years and as a practicing licensed independent clinical social worker, I’d been around medicine. From over the counter medications to psychotropics and everything in between, there are many stories. I have witnessed many great things come from both; lives stabilized, pain diminished and health restored. I have also witnessed the harder side of those same medications, short and long term side effects, other diseases brought on while it works to stabilize the original problem.

As I began to explore the properties of essential oils and witnessed firsthand what occurred right before me when I used them, it was an exciting door that opened up before me.

As a parent I had felt limited in the options available and was not comfortable with most of the over the counter options for my young children. Not long after my first son was born, children’s cough medicine was no longer recommended for use in young children leaving parents questioning, “Well, now what?” It wasn’t very comforting to have to ‘wait it out’ or just ‘make them as comfortable as you can’ without having any real tools available.

A year or so later two major children’s brands went through major upheavals and continue to this day to have recall after recall. Needless to say I was left without a lot of options. I had a basic homeopathic kit but wasn’t always get the results I hoped for. So when I was introduced and had my first real experience with the oils…and they worked…I was ready to try something new, something natural!

Let me tell you what essential oils are not.

They are not a quick fix, a take one and call me in the morning remedy. What they do provide is support to the body as it heals itself. I’ve found that using essential oils in my family has become an extension of my love, my care and my attentiveness to my loved ones. An awareness of what is going on in the midst of our busy days. To pause in this fast paced world, to slow down and care for those I love with the natural gifts God has placed in my hands. To notice the small things…a child that wakes up with a sneeze, a runny nose that is just starting up, or a nervous child headed off to an exam at school. Along with an offered prayer to minister to the heart of my child, I might also apply an oil to minister to the body, bring a moment of connection, to care in a tangible way. The side effect of this…the cold gets nipped in the bud right away and a calmer, more focused child goes to school on exam day.

Essential Oils Monthly Series

During this monthly series, I’ll be answering questions and sharing how you can manage the blessing of health naturally. If you have a health topic of interest, leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer in the coming months. Three years ago my life was changed when my sister reached out to share with me. I have made it a mission to let people know that God has provided these natural gifts, to share the message, to make sure people know there is an effective natural alternative available and to provide a top quality oil to incorporate into their lives.

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