Essential Oil Support for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a mother’s life.  The excitement, plans and process of development and growth is something that one never forgets!  Along with the excitement can also come many unwanted guests, nausea, fatigue, swelling and stretching to name a few!  When I realized how essential oils could help during pregnancy I almost wished I could go back and do it over again!  All those little annoyances along the way would have been taken care of shortly!   From infertility to newborn care, there are many options in supporting a healthy pregnancy.  I want to share a few stories of pregnant mothers who I have been privileged to help during pregnancy and the first few months of life.

Essential Oil Support for Pregnancy ||

On a cold winter night, I received a message asking for help.  A friend had been down with the stomach flu the whole day.  She was weak, unable to keep anything down and had a four month old who was getting very hungry.  Her supply was all but gone in a matter of hours and her little one was not having anything to do with a bottle.  We visited by phone and I gathered up what she needed and dropped it by.  I gave her a few simple directions and she started using Basil essential oil every hour that evening.  Much to her little guy’s relief, her body was able to recover and within four to five hours of the initial application of oil, was back to making his regularly scheduled meals!  She was surprised and amazed at how quickly it worked.  Basil and Fennel oils are great at boosting milk supply, if a mother struggles to have enough or experiences times of stress or hits a growth spurt with a little one, these are helpful to have on hand.

There are times a new mother may have trouble getting the lactating cycle up and running.  This was the case for another friend, she’d had a c-section and was waiting, and waiting for her supply to start up.  We visited two days after her child’s birth, she was desperately wanting to breastfeed and was struggling with the emotional roller coaster as her hormones were shifting.  She began using Clary Sage and Basil to kick start the lactating process and Balance oil to help manage the stress of hormonal changes.  Within hours, things were working, baby was getting her first real feedings and her mom was much calmer, relaxed and excited to have this relationship with her little one.  The balance of hormones in the body postpartum is a very important factor and can have effects on everyone involved.  Clary Sage is a wonderful oil for regulating hormones and bringing them back into harmony.

Pregnancy increases the vascular load on the body to amazing levels.  Nearing delivery, the increase of blood volume in the body is nearly 50% more.  One word can describe the feeling.  Swollen!  This is exactly how one of my friends felt at the end of her pregnancy. She was due any day and experiencing edema in her lower legs.  Swollen ankles, swollen toes and little relief!  We applied Cypress oil to her lower legs which assists with circulation and a little Clary Sage around her ankles to start the labor process.  Within an hour her swelling was going down, another day and she was a new mom to a beautiful little girl!

From back pain, cramping, headaches, cold and flu relief, whatever a pregnancy throws your way, oils can help.  These are just a few of the many stories of mothers finding relief using the natural gifts God has provided us.

There are just too many suggestions for pregnancy to list them all!  Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth & Babies by Stephanie Fritz is one of the best guides for using oils for pregnancy.  Here is a ‘CHEAT SHEET’ for suggestions taken from her book that can guide you to more specific help. These oils have been carefully selected for their safety and their positive impact for the mother and baby.  I would love to help you explore the many benefits of essential oils and support you on your journey to wellness.

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