A Little Sunshine in a Bottle {Win a doTERRA Wild Orange Oil}

While most of the country is awakening to spring, some areas are still under snow and gloomy skies. We are offering a little ray of sunshine to brighten up your day! Whether it’s sunny or freezing in your neck of the woods, we know this will bring a smile to your face!

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So, what can you do with it?  The real question is, what can’t you do? Wild Orange is very versatile.  It can be used topically, aromatically, and internally for many health benefits.  This oil is wonderful in your favorite unscented lotion. Not only does it smell amazing, it is also known to calm nerves, uplift mood, and help with insomnia.  Using a couple of drops in water can improve and support digestion, increase immunity, and offer a mild detox to your cells.  You can add a drop on your fingertip and turn on your car vents; with a wave or two of your finger, everyone is awake before school.  Works great for teenagers in a grumpy mood, too!

Last fall, my youngest son had a stubborn cough that just wouldn’t go away.  Every time he tried to sleep, it would start up.  It wasn’t a productive cough but one of those dry, irritating coughs that made it impossible for him to sleep.  I used Wild Orange and a drop of Peppermint oil in a little coconut oil, rubbed it over his throat and chest, and by the time I left his room, he had stopped coughing completely!  I love having natural tools in my home that work!

Another great way to use Wild Orange essential oil is in your cooking.  Add it to your favorite desserts, frosting, cinnamon rolls, and smoothies, or make an amazing salad dressing. Here is a wonderful recipe for Wild Orange French Toast:


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  1. Su says

    What I love best about spring is that my kids are able to be outside more and we can take walks. thx Oh, and Easter–Christ is Risen!

  2. says

    Everything – I love being able to hang our clothes on the line again. Most of all, I love celebration the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ – He’s alive!

  3. Debi H says

    I love just being able to get outside…taking the dog for walks, working in the yard, sitting in the swing and watching the birds and squirrels.

  4. says

    Spring means warmer weather and I can open the windows to my basement where all of my paper crafting creativity flows as an Independent Demonstrator for Stampin’ Up!. So much better to be creative and warm! I am also interested in a beginners look at essential oils. I have many health issues that keep me from working etc. the orange oil would be a wonderful start!

  5. says

    I love spring because we live in Texas and its the one time of the year that its comfy out and just gorgeous! Well for about a month anyhow, then its 100 degrees again;-)

  6. Lori Stanush says

    Spring is my favorite time of year! Rebirth of all the trees, beautiful array of flowers, the freshness and sweet fragrance in the air! The cool breeze blowing through the leaves of the trees. Beautiful sunny days, listening to the children’s laughter while running and playing outside. Going on picnics in the park. Taking walks with the children showing them God’s beautiful works of Art through His Majestic Nature during the Springtime re growth and rebirth He designed from the beginning of time when He created the Earth!

  7. Lori Barrett says

    Just feeling the warm sunshine on my face after a long winter is what I love about spring!! 😉