Do You Really Need the Help You’ve Been Seeking?

Do you ever find yourself frustrated with life and all its demands?  You think if you just had some help with this or that, you would be able to accomplish so much more.  You would be able to keep your house clean,  prepare healthy meals for your family, workout, spend more quality time with your spouse and/or children.   Maybe you could start tackling some of the goals you set for yourself that have found their way to the backburner.  Are you someone who would love spending time volunteering in your local community or abroad?  There are a million things I could list, and I’m sure you’re thinking of many things right now to contribute to that list.  At times, it seems as though there is so much to do and so little time.  A never ending to-do list that continues to grow.

In the past, I often found myself  asking God, “How much is one expected to bear alone? How long am I expected to walk this out alone?”  One day,  in a very displeased and aggravated tone, He answered,  “As much as I would have you and as long as I would have you.”  I honestly never asked that question again.  It wasn’t just because of the statement He had made, but what He showed me afterwards. Many times we find ourselves in frustrating situations because we are focused on the wrong things. When your perception is 0ff you can miss so much. I was so busy wondering why others around me, who appeared to do the bare minimum to get by, were always receiving some kind of assistance.  For years,  I was completely missing what God was showing others through my life, and how blessed I was not be dependent on others to sustain.

We are capable of doing a lot more than we think.  People would and still ask me, “How are you able to accomplish so much on your own?  How do you find the time as a single mother to run a business, homeschool, maintain your home, dedicate your time to other activities and organizations outside of your home, and still enjoy life?”  I feel they were expecting me give to them a simple list of instructions to follow that would turn their situation around, but I didn’t have that simple list.  The truth is there is no simple solution.  You have to put in the work.   I told them each day I wake, I submit it to God; ask for His strength, guidance, and provision; and just do what needs to be done.  The thought never crosses my mind that I can’t accomplish the tasks at hand.  I don’t waste time trying to figure out shortcuts. I just get to work.

In the beginning, I tackled one thing at a time.  Over the years, I’ve become great at multi-tasking, but that comes with a lot of practice.  When you find yourself pleading for help in all directions, I suggest you first evaluate your life.  Ask yourself a few questions.  What and where are you investing your time?  Are these things a part of God’s plan for you?  Remember, some things are only for a season.  Do you need to add/remove some things?  Write your answers down.  Pray over them.   What will God’s response be?   I can almost guarantee, if you are living according to His plan, you probably don’t need all the help you’ve been seeking.  For He never gives you more than you can bear.