Creating Daily Anchors That Cultivate Peace

Managing Your Blessings

Anchor. It’s a word that seems to imply many different meanings and concepts. But from a Biblical perspective, it denotes Hope. And what is Hope? I think a better question if you’re thinking in terms of faith, is this… WHO is Hope? Hope is a person and His name is Jesus.

“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” Hebrews 6:19

Jesus is our security. He is our One defense and constant source of Hope. And since Hope is an anchor for the soul, we can know that like our Hope, an anchor keeps us from drifting. It serves as something that holds us firmly in place and can provide stability in an otherwise uncertain situation.

So why, then, can our days feel like they’re running adrift at times?

What causes one to feel out of control and tossed about in the waves of life? I’ve wondered this myself. In this world where we hurry and rush about from one thing to the next, where slowing down feels wasteful, how can we reconcile the God-shaped desire deep within our hearts to be anchored to something, or rather, SOMEONE who holds us firmly in place?

Sometimes an anchor can feel restrictive, as if it’s holding us back…but only if we see it with a worldly perspective. See, if we’re feeling like our days are spinning wildly out of control, then there’s good news…we can stand firm on God’s Word as our anchor of Hope. God’s best for us doesn’t lie in a swirling mess of unwise choices and chaos. He has already given us the knowledge we need for how to live wisely. We just need to apply it.

One way we can create daily anchors that will free us up to experience God’s Peace and Joy is to center our days around a few (somewhat) non-negotiable soul-refreshing, mind-renewing, heart-filling activities. These are things we can set in place, with God’s grace, that will not only bless us immensely, but bless our families and those around us as well.

So, think about this…

  • What are some things you are already doing that maybe you aren’t as consistent with as you’d like to be?
  • What daily traditions would you like to cultivate and make a priority?
  • What parts of your day are most un-anchored and lacking in careful attention?
  • What anchors are you feeling led by God to create in your day?

Here are some daily ANCHORS to consider:

Morning routine

Do you have one? Maybe you are one of the few who don’t need a routine and thrive on letting the day begin as it will. If so, and you’re truly thriving, beautiful. If not, then maybe it’s time to tackle this part of the day first. I will be the first to admit, I’ve been a frequent flyer of the “fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants” club. But, if I’m honest, it doesn’t bless a single person in my family, myself included. Setting a morning anchor has been a challenge for me, for sure. My children rise early which means I really need to wake up even earlier than they do in order to set my mind and heart right during quiet time with Jesus. However, to do this, I need to actually make it to bed before 1am. I’m a night owl by nature. You see my dilemma? But it’s a change I am convicted to make in order to start my day off right.

When you envision an early morning routine, what does it look like? How can you begin creating an anchor, something that you do to make space for you and the Lord each and every day?


Discontentment is something everyone will experience at some point. We all want to experience the JOY God has for us. But often we feel buried and burdened by our own sense of worldly injustice and thought life. And when we are hard-pressed to see all the blessings that are right in front of us, our hearts become hardened and calloused. I’ve been there and I don’t want to be in that place ever again. I write. I always have, but God laid it upon my heart not too long ago to intentionally begin counting and recording my blessings each day in a journal. And because I see the fruit and know that it is making a tremendous difference in my own heart, I knew it would for my boys as well. So now WE write in our journals together each day after breakfast. We count our blessings and count it all as grace, together.

Megan's Journal

Are you or your children experiencing some contentment issues? Maybe creating separate gratitude journals or one big family journal where you could begin counting the grace-gifts given to you by God would be a beautiful daily anchor to have.

Family Conversation Around the Dinner Table

Eating dinner together is a high priority for my family. It’s an anchor we’ve been very intentional about since day one. However, all too often, as many of you might also know, if there are younger ones at the table, dinner time can quickly take a turn for the worse and then it’s a race to just get it finished and over with. That has never set well with me. So, a long time ago, we began a nightly tradition of taking turns sharing our highs and lows of the day. When one of us announces “High-Low,” everyone quiets down and listens intently.

And afterward, my family enjoys using the Faith Building with Family Conversation Starters I created for us several years ago. Some of the questions are silly, some are really thought provoking, and others get straight to the heart of God and our faith. But no matter what each question asks, there’s always connection and laughter, and growing TOGETHER. That time spent connecting is so rich.

I would love for you to have this eBook for FREE, so if you’re interested, be sure to grab a copy right here. It might be a perfect way to anchor the end of your day!

Other ways you can anchor your day:

  • Make playing a non-media related game together a priority after dinner.
  • Create an afternoon quiet time for you and the kids. Yes, it can be done, even with young ones.
  • Have a daily family devotional.
  • Set specific time aside every day to dance with your kids to your favorite music.
  • Have a daily read-aloud time where everyone who can read, takes turns reading a great book together.

We’d love to hear what daily anchors you can think of that would bless your day in amazing ways! And what daily routines and healthy habits are you already cultivating that are helping to create Peace in your home and family life?