Coordinating Schedules and Grocery Shopping


When I was growing up, I always thought it was strange that my grandfather did the grocery shopping. The joke was that if my grandmother went shopping, all they would have for dinner was 4 cans of tomato sauce.  Now I am a married woman whose husband does the grocery shopping.  It started during my second pregnancy when going grocery shopping was just not going to happen on a regular basis.  So, if we wanted food in the house, my husband did the shopping.  He and my daughter went out and did this errand together, and I got a little bit of quiet.  He has kept up doing the shopping because my son is now 2 and hubby shopping is just the easier thing to do.

My husband is often out of town for business during the week. He doesn’t always know what we need because he wasn’t around when we ran out of something.  We tried the whole making a list and taping it to the refrigerator door.  It just didn’t work for us. Something always got left off the list or the list got lost.  Since we both have smartphones, we downloaded an app called Our Groceries. This has simplified our life so much.  You can access this app on the computer and your phone.  You just have to set up one account and add people to that account.  Either of us can add to the list and we can just check the list when we are out and pick up the stuff on our list.  You can have several lists for different stores.  We also have a dinner list so we can plan what we are eating for the week.  And the best part: the list is always with us and doesn’t get lost!

Our other problem with keeping us all on the same page was our calendar.  We have that wall calendar that hangs in our kitchen.  The problem was that it wasn’t with us when we were out.  The calendar could not go with hubby on his trips out of town.  I could mention something on the phone when we talked to each other but that didn’t mean he would remember it when he was booking an appointment for work.  We found Google Calendar on our phones, because we both have an Android and a shared google email account that we use just for our calendar.  When we have something that is coming up, we just put into our shared calendar.  This has uncomplicated our life so much.  No more “I didn’t know that was coming up,” because it is on both of our calendars.

I know that there is another app out there called Cozi app that I think can be on both the iPhone and Android-run phones.  I haven’t tried it because I heard about it after we already started using these other ones.  Our system works for us and we don’t need to fix what is not broken.  However, with the Cozi app, you have the calendar and the grocery list in one app.  Simplifying things is always a good thing in my book.

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Angela is a homeschooling mom of two beautiful children. She had a change of heart about homeschooling when it was time to enroll her sweet daughter in school. She now blogs about her journey with homeschooling at Homeschooling — A Change of Heart. She is married to her best friend Jeff. Two weeks out of every month Angela holds down the home front while Jeff travels for business. Angela loves to learn about photography and see what she can capture behind the lens.


  1. Theresa says

    That grocery app sounds great! DH is always saying can you get this or that and I never remember. That just may work for us. We both have iPhones. We already have our calendars on the iPhones, so we’ve got that working for us. Thank you!