Climb Above the Turbulence

Climb Above the Turbulence

An airplane flies skyward until it reaches smooth altitudes for maximum speed. On the climb up or down there is often turbulence as air pressure changes. Some sleep right through the process, others shut their eyes and try to ignore it, and still others grasp their chair a bit harder. Others don’t seem the least affected at all. Just as one flight may be void of turbulence, and another may be a bumpy ride, so our lives go through seasons of the same. Some seasons are short lived, while other trials may last for months or even years. There will always be this give and take in our lives. A lack of negative circumstances doesn’t mean everything is going right in our lives, just as times of upheaval, discord and trials do not always signify we are doing something wrong. The real question is how will we respond when presented with times of turbulence?

There is really only one way I know above trials and turbulent circumstances. We can try to think our way through and manipulate every variable to our advantage. This ultimately leads to exhaustion, frustration, and defeat. These are our companions when we lean to our own understanding. However, we have a Father who loves us, cherishes us, and longs to lead us. If you want to overcome in this life, hang out with the One who overcame all things! We may run to people when life gets out of control, but really only one opinion matters! The only way I know of not getting sidelined by turbulence is to step into His presence and climb! Climb up above the clamor, climb above the opinions, climb above the thoughts that are so loud you can’t think straight. Climb until you step into peace. Climb until you receive joy in place of fear, and find the truth at the top.

How? How does one climb and get to that place of peace? It all rests in the power of a simple choice, choosing to know Him, not just know about Him but know Him. When I was young in the Lord, I didn’t know “how” to know him. I heard people talk about it, saw the reflection of it in the lives of those who “did” it, but was unsure of my ability to do the same. One day, I made a choice! I made a simple choice to invest my time and focus in getting to know this lover of my soul. I set aside time every morning to train my heart and mind. It wasn’t easy – developing a disciplined life never is! But, oh, will it pay huge dividends in your life!

He is a gentle teacher. Little by little, as I allowed my heart and mind to grow quiet in His presence, my ear grew in its ability to hear Him speak. We were not made to be “plugged in” 24/7; our hearing develops away from all those modern conveniences that vie for our attention. Time spent in the Word, time spent in prayer, time spent in worship is an investment that reaps eternal and earthly rewards.

Are you in a turbulent time of life? Get on the faith side of your problems by activating the Word. Speak it over your circumstances and watch your mind turn from fear to faith! Here are a few to get you started:

– I am full of the wisdom of God; I receive every answer for this problem.
– I am full of joy and peace in His presence.
– I choose peace and take every thought captive; my thoughts are peaceful because my mind is fixed upon Him.
– When I ask, I receive. My heart hears from God and I know all things. (James 1:20 & 27)
– He makes a way when there seems to be no way; He opens doors before me.
– My footsteps are ordained by the Lord; He leads me in paths of righteousness.

We can choose to take our rest, sleep, or ignore our problems, or we can turn our hearts and minds to the One who has all things in His hands. He brings us through all things, in time, if we stay in the game and have a no-quit attitude. If we quit going to get grace, if we expect it to happen without our participation, we are deceived. Thanksgiving and praise keep you in faith, keep your head above the turbulent clouds, and help you sail straight into smoother skies. Keep His word in your mouth, speak it over your life, and watch Him keep your heart in perfect peace as you fix your mind on Him!