Chasing Silhouettes {Book Review}

Chasing Silhouettes Book Review

Chasing Silhouettes is a about a young woman’s battle against an eating disorder. This not just a book that lists warning signs and therapy options. Emily share’s her story, honest and raw, along with the story of how her family was able to find healing and redemption through her struggles.  I have never personally dealt with an eating disorder or known anyone that has but I still found this book and interesting and encouraging read.

The book has five main parts. And within each part is the story of Emily’s eating disorder told through the eyes of different people in her life: herself as a child and a grown up, her parents, her friends, her siblings, her husband and her doctors.  It was really eye opening to hear the same story from each of the different perspectives. Eating disorder effect more than just the person battling the illness. It effects the entire family and community and Chasing Silhouettes is a great demonstration of this.

Each section also includes a section on prayer and spiritual encouragement for those on a journey with an eating disorder. Emily makes a point that in order for someone to be healed from an eating disorder you have to address more than just the physical and emotion issues, spiritual healing is just as important.

Emily openly shares about over coming her eating disorder not once, but twice. And she shares tips from professionals and stories of other people that have overcome their illness. If you have ever struggled in this area or know someone who has this is definitely a must read.

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